The Spirit of 33
An International Network of Double Stars Observers

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  • Various documents:
    - 4inch test.xls  23kb - Visibility test in a 4 inch SC (created by Steve Bodin)
    - ExtremeStarsChapter1.pdf  644kb - Introduction to stellar spectra (by Rafael Barbera)
    - Great  197kb - Ball, Sir Robert Stawell, 1840-1913 (contr. William Schart)
    - ROspectro.doc  60kb - Rainbow Optics Star Spectroscope promotional information (contr. Bill Reinehr)
    - gunclubscope.doc  60kb - Jules Verne's Gun Club Telescope Optics Evaluation (Contr. Paolo Morini)
    - peterson project.xls  19kb - (Contr. by William Schart)
    -  185kb - Proximity Index applied (xls-file created by Rafael Barbera)
    - SeparationTest.xls  85kb - Data from WDS for tight feble pairs (created by Rafael Barbera)
    - 100DblStars AL.doc  204kb - Selected doubles by AL-doublestar club (contr. Salvador Pimentel)


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