KC LAB @ the Korzo Theatre 21 May 2012

KC Lab showcases the fresh compositions of students of the Composition Department of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, The Netherlands. These evenings are staged in the Korzo Theatre, partnering with the Conservatoire in these events. Never dull, always adventurous. Expect the unexpected.

In the 21 May 2012 edition Ensemble Los Caballeros (Ivan Renqvist Babinchak, Andy Ingamells and Jeremiah Runnels) opened the evening with Sport Music: Pétanque. Commented by Andy Ingamells the sounds and act of cleaning a pétanque ground was pivotal. Culminating in a sing-a-long with the crowd: "Ivan, Ivan, he's our man. If Ivan can't fix it, Jeremiah can."
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly followed this up by performing solo on guitar his own composition Music for Dancers I. A tranquil piece.

Benedict Schlepper-Connolly

Akiko Ushijima's composition, Swelling Darkness, is imbued with electronics around the play of accordionist Karin van der Veen and the voice of soprano Nora Fischer. A bit more dynamic and heavier piece.
Before the intermission Rust was played. A piece by Lithuanian composer Andrius Arutiuninan. Very few difference in notes, but much intense playing and change of tempi. Unfortunately the video (over fifteen minutes long (16.33 to be exact)) was denied by YouTube.

Estela Benita Bernes, Geerte de Koe, Alexis Bove and Celia Torres Ruiz (from left to right) perform Rust by Andrius Arutiunian

After the intermission Petra Strahovnik's composition Mystery to Future was performed by Ieva Langaite (flute), Hugo Loi (saxophone), Tiago Morais Morgado (viola), Celia Torres Ruiz (cello), Klara Andrlova (percussion) and conducted by Larysa Haradkova. A dark and mysterious piece as you can see and hear in the video. Near the end of the composition the conducter leaves the stage after having expressed her disapproval.
The the stage was set for a solo piece of Peter-Jan de Graaff entitled In Volare. A short virtuoso musical sketch for flute solo performed by Janneke Groesz. Appartly the composition is a spin off of an earlier vocal piece Vowels of the composer.

One of the most interesting pieces performed that evening was an alto flute and basson duet. The duet was inspired by Gibbon monkeys singing together. Ieva Langaite pleyd the alto flute and composer Noah Rectenwald accounted for the bassoon part.

Ieva Langaite and Noah Rectenwald

A relatively long piece of about eighteen minutes rounded off the programme. Peter Kerkelov's piece Songs on Bulgarian Folk Lyrics was peformed by mezzosoprano Veronique van der Meijden and guitarist Yiannis Giagourtas. Yiannis Giagourtas who had lots of notes to play juggled heavily with the score before the fine music sounded. The piece consists of five parts:

  • The Rebel in the Forest
  • The maiden's Wish
  • If it's Rada who has died
  • Young Stoyan got married yesterday
  • Fallen alseep has the Young Man

Performers Yiannis Giagourtas and Veronique van der Meijden with composer Peter Kerkelov (right)