KOnStruct 6, Part 1: Percussion!

For this sixth time this season a KOnStruct concert was staged at the Dutch Korzo Theatre in the Hague on Saturday 16 February 2013. In which in part one the stage is set for Slagwerk Den Haag (Percussion The Hague) and in the other part another ensemble is programmed. Under the name KOnStruct Slagwerk Den Haag together with Korzo and the Royal Conservatoire set up a series of research projects. Collaboration and renewal are the focal points, with new ideas of composers and percussionists are tried out. In this edition studets of the Composition Department worked togehter with students of the Percussion Department of the Conservatoire.

Ably introducing KOnStruct new music programmer Sylvia Stoetzer of Korzo stressed the cooperation of the Theatre with their partners to create a new music community and - elan in The Hague.

The program was kicked off Konstantyn Napolov and Mario Cortizo playing Sketch by Eugene Andrew Kim. An introspective composition in which Mario brougth forth the music by circling cubes over a bathroom tile supported by pieces of wood. Later they threw in other objects to generate music from the tile . A.o. a small chain. Suddenly one of the musicians grabs a large piece of wood and a hammer and splits the tile. The two parts of the tile are consequently put back on the pieces of wood and the music is repeated but now generating higher tones. Then the two tile pieces are tormented again by the piece of wood. And with a small piece of tile in his hand Konstantyn slowly drops a chain onto the tile. Hypnotising!

Konstantyn Napolov

After that the stage is for Spanish percussionist Nerea Vera Payo. She performed Rebonds A by Yannis Xenakis. The instruments Nerea used were two Bongos, two Tom-toms and a Bass Drum. A smashing piece, played with a lot of fire by Nerea. The contrast with the first composition could not be more clear.
Aphasia is a composition by Mark Applebaum. Mark is a Associate Professor of Composition and Theory at Stanford University and a composer. Aphasia is a brilliant, taped composition in which Robin Eggers performs a choreography with hand gestures synchronized to the sound. Robin had his hands covered by glow-in-the-dark make up. Led by the music his hand gestured where highlighted with black light to evoke a breathtaking experience.

Because of technical problems with the computer Konstantyn Napolov only could perform one part of John Psathas's 2005 composition One study One Summary. With Marimba, Junk Percussion and Digital Audio Playback playing this rythmical piece Konstantyn closed the concert with a thunderous climax.