Davai Perkusion @ Amsterdam Canals Festival 2013

On 24 Februari Davai Perkusion won the Grachtenfestival (Amsterdam Canals Festival)Conservatory Concours 2013. The price? Three concerts at the prestigious Grachtenfestival in August 2013.

Davai Perkusion is a percussion trio consisting of Natalia Alvarez-Arenas Arias from Spain, Thibault Engel from Luxembourg and Konstantyn Napolov from the Ukraine. They play together since 2011, having met at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. THey mainly perform contemporary classical music, with a high theatrical element. But they can also play Bach.

@ the Grachtenfestival they played a concert in the open air in the Vondelpark on 18 August. And a lunch concert 22 August. But the main concert was their gig in the Zuiderkerk on August 20th.

Davai opened the concert with a piece called Kosary for three scythes by the Ukrainian composer Gyorgy Chernienko. They also performed parts of two compositions ("Drama" and "Parade") by Chinese (percussion) composer giant Guo Wenjing. Mark Ford's Stubernic and Taira Yoshihasa's Trichromie were played brilliantly. The ensemble strives to introduce more and more theatrical elements in their performances to make the music more accessible. In this concert this was most visible in the interpretation of the pieces "Fabricco" by Matthias Reumert and "Eine kleine Tischmusik" by Manfred Menke. In Fabricco the players wore construction helmets and used all kind of construction material and other gear (oil drums) and combined that with a fitting choreography. In Eine kleine Nachtmusik the players wore colourful kitchen aprons, were seated behind a table set for dinner and used wooden spoons as instruments.

A standing ovation was the reward of the audience for this extraordinary performance.
By the way, davai is russian for He, Ho let's go (more or less).



Davai Perkusion