Electrified: Guitarrissimo

A new programme by Ensemble Klang called Electrified in which the electric guitar (by Pete Harden) is the center of attention. Unfortunately Ensemble Klang could not play a reprise of Klas Torstensson's piece Electric/Brass. For to hire the necessary musicians for this instrumentation for five electric guitars, five trumpets and five trombones would simply cost too much.

Mister Guitar: Pete Harden

But there was nothing left to desire after the four pieces Ensemble Klang did perform. The ensemble kicked off with Caruso (Gold is the sweat of the sun) by David Fennessy, an Irish composer, guitarist and composition lecturer (in Scotland). With an omnipresent, deduced voice of Caruso set against Pete's guitar and four background keyboards (ands later on some percussion) the audience was pleasantly surprised by this piece.

Joey Marijs (percussion) and Erik-Jan de With

After that Ensemble Klang played one of it's classic pieces, Hout (Wood) by Louis Andriessen. Nice to hear this one again, especially because Klang added another dimension to Louis's music, with a new fresh approach of this staccato and pulsating composition.

Ensemble Klang

After the intermission the brand new 2013 composition by Yannis Kyriakides God Good Luck was performed. This piece for piano, percussion, electric bass guitar and three table guitars, live electronics and a video had the three brass players of Klang, Michiel van Dijk, Erik-Jan de With (both saxofonist) and Anton van Houten (trombonist) playing the table guitars. A kind of tranquil piece with heavy storm electronic blast sequences accompanying projected text.

Anton van Houten (trombone), Erik-Jan de With (Tenor) and Michiel van Dijk (Alto)

Then the stage was set for Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds. A compostion by Pete Harden, a Brit transferred to the Netherlands, himself. As the title suggest a heavy metallic and very rythmic piece much in the proper Klang style. And music in which Anton van Houten could finally play his beloved trombone. The audience celebrated the composer deservedly. Part of this compostion was aired on National Television by Public broadcaster VPRO in their Vrije Geluiden (Free Sounds) programme.

Saskia Lankhoorn