Home match for The Hague Saxophone Quartet

The Foundation Art Centre Kloosterkerk invited the Haags Saxofoon Kwartet to perform at their Wednesday 19 June lunch break concert in the Kloosterkerk. A 15th/16th century former cloister church in the centre of The Hague.

The Quartet, with mainly modern compositions on their play list, compiled an accessible 20th century programme for this concert. They kicked off with George Gershwin's Rapsody in blue. With brilliant solo work by soprano saxophone player Heiko Geerts. In Roseroad, by Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga (born 1960), alto saxophone player Femke Steketee stole the show. A post-modern minimalistic, latent melodic, ryhtmic piece. The Quartet headmanned by tenorist Daan van Koppen and baritone saxophonist Erik-Jan de With culminated the concert with a scorching performance of Astor Piazzolla's tango La muerte del Angel.

Many of the approximately 100 listeners became buyers of the George Gershwin CD, on which the Quartet plays together with The Gents and singer Johannette Zomer (Channel Classics), and/or the CD of Douwe Eisenga's composition Music for Wiek, on which Erik-Jan de With plays all four saxophones.



The Hague Saxophone Quartet

CD The Hague Saxophone Quatret - George Gershwin

CD Erik-Jan de With - Music for Wiek - Douwe Eisenga