Konstantyn Napolov: Nine Dot Zero

Within the framework of the New Festival several students of the Royal Conservatoire were asked to stage their exam in theatre De Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague. 11 June 2013 Konstantyn Napolov kicked off the Festival with his bachelor exam percussion.

Together with dancers Parel en Salomé Pegler, in period dresses, Konstantyn kicked off the concert in a classical way. He performed his own arrangement of Georg Philip Telemann's Sonata for viola da gamba solo in D major, from 'Der getreue Musikmeister (1739/1740).

Christiaan Richter's piece Noten-Fälle is dedicated to Konstantyn. It is a virtuoso percussion concerto written in 2012-2013. A conductor leads three groups of three instruments: Brass, wood and strings. With an overwhelming percussion part by Napolov.

The scythe is the sole instrument in Gyorgy Chernienko's composition Kosary. Based on the Ukrainian tradition of field labour with the scythe the three performers not only play but act as well. Only interupted with a short outbreak of a Ukrainian text spoken aloud by the musicians who together form the ensemble Davai Perkusion.

Next Konstantyn performed the virtuoso composition One Study One Summary by John Psathas, for percussion (including extraordinary percussion objects) and tape. A more rythmic piece for percussion is hardly imaginable.

Then Konstantyn put his percussion gear aside. For he was to conduct. In Thierry de Mey's "Silence must be" he conducts, facing the audience, an imaginary off stage orchestra. Outlining an extremely difficult piece.

The performance of Luciano Berio's Linea, a piece written to accompany dancers, rounded up the concert. A linear melody permutating in several ways in twelve sub-movements was very ably performed by the Ensemble.

The finale was reserved for Maxim Shalygin's work Musique de fer. A piece also dedicated to Konstantyn. Brilliantly performed with only "ironwork".

The exam committee endorsed the outstanding performance by Konstantyn Napolov with the mark nine (9). Thus paving his way to pursue his master exam.


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