Smashing Ritorno

The Hague Conservatoire Arnold Schönberg concert room was the playing field of saxofonist Daan van Koppen for his Masters Recital. At nine o'clock on thursday 22 May 2014 he opened the concert with his interpretation of Jacques Ibert's Concertino da Camera. Ably accompanied by pianist Frank van de Laar.

After fine performances in Plac Saxofonu (Otmar Mácha) and Paul Bonneau's Caprice and Forme de Valse the more "serious" work began. Namely the more contemporary composistions. Daan chose two Dutch compositions for the grande finale.

First a beautiful duet with pianist Frank van de Laar in Hans Kox's composition Sonata for Tenor Saxophone and Piano. A piece Kox composed in 1980. But the true zenith of the recital was the performance of Ritorno (1990). A composition by Amsterdam composer and composition professor at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, Martijn Padding. The Haags Saxofoonkwartet (The Hague Saxophone Quartet), in which Daan van Koppen plays Tenor Saxophone, produced a smashing performance of this energetic 1990 piece. By mouth of his saxophone professor David Kweksilber the jury let know that they were content with Daan's performance. And encouraged him to progress like he did, en route to his Masters Exam next year.