Silencer reversed: Ensemble Klang and Knalpot team up for a second time

The 2012 Gaudeamus Muziekweek (An international festival for young composers and new music) brought Ensemble Klang (The Hague) and Knalpot (Amsterdam) together for the first time. After a succesful cooperation the ensembles teamed up again to shape a Maximal Music programme. Avantgarde meets avantgarde. With Ensemble Klang bringing in the contemporary classical music and Knalpot adding more the pop, rock and jazz influence.

Pete Harden:"It's been 2-years in the making... well, 18 months in the 'talking-about' and 6 months in the making... ok, ok, 21 months in the 'talking-about' and 3 industrious months in the making, but now finally in the Korzo we'll have the premiere of Maximal Music, our brand new project with Amsterdam legends Knalpot, featuring lighting-design by the fantastic Meeus van Dis, and video by the equally wonderful Martha Colburn. Can't wait to play this music for an audience!"

The Hague, Korzo Theatre, April 10th, 2014. The premiere of Maximal Music. An evening with hard, explosive, fierce, complex, overwhelming and willful music. In which Klang threw in pieces by Tom Johnson and Pete Harden and Knalpot's Gerri Jäger and Raphael Vanoli both contributed two pieces and combined their effort in two other works. On top of that Pete, Gerri and Raphael wrote a piece called 'Kadootjes Samples' together. But also the eyes were kept busy, as Pete mentioned. The combined ensembles kicked off with a Tom Johnson composition, Rational Melody no. XIII. And after spectacular music and spectacular video's and lighting some seventy five minutes later the steamroller came to a halt after the Kanlpot composed piece La Luna. And about the title: Knalpot is the Dutch word for silencer. But there was no limit to the explosiveness of the music. A major musical event on the Dutch stages, which deserves an encore on Dutch and foreign festivals of new music.

Ensemble Klang is guitar Pete Harden | percussion Joey Marijs | piano Saskia Lankhoorn | saxophone Michiel van Dijk, Erik-Jan de With | trombone Anton van Houten Knalpot is guitar, electronics, keyboard instruments Raphael Vanoli | drums, electronics, keyboard instruments Gerri Jäger Sound Sandor Caron, Tom Gelissen Video, animations Martha Colburn Lighting design Meeus van Dis

The set-list was this:

  1. Rational Melody No. XIII (Tom Johnson)
  2. Prrt (Knalpot)
  3. Guitar-interlocking (Gerri Jäger)
  4. Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds Outro (Pete Harden)
  5. Entangle (Raphael Vanoli)
  6. Berlin Bells (Pete Harden)
  7. Kadootjes Samples (Knalpot & Pete Harden)
  8. Raphael Vanoli's New Track (Raphael Vanoli)
  9. Bling blong (Gerri Jäger)
  10. La luna (Knalpot)