Westland Saxophone Orchestra @ Festival Classique 2014

For a second year in a row the Westland Saxophone Orchestra (Westland Saxofoon Orkest) presented itself at the 2014 Festival Classique in The Hague. Around 30 Saxophone players, under conductor Erik-Jan de With, kicked off at this renowned event with their interpretation of Michael Nyman's piece Chasing Sheep is best left for Shepherds. Then the saxophonists accompanied soloist Tjako van Schie, who played a aliminum pianoforte, in part one of Schumann's Piano concerto in A minor. Which drew an enormous applause from the audience. Even more enthousiasm was shown by the spectators for the Orchestra's achievements in the rythmic and swinging minimalist piece Wiek Movement II ; Dance 4 by Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga. EWI (Electric Wind Instrument) Saxophone player Hubert-Jan Hubeek entered the stage to take the spotlight in Edward Elgar's Salut d'Amour, Opus 12. But before shining in the composition he demonstrated the working of the EWI and stressed the versatility of this musical instrument, with its tonal range of eigth octaves.

As a tribute to composer Louis Andriessen, who turned 75 years old recently, Daan van Koppen (Baritone Saxophone), Hugo Loi (Tenor Saxophone) and conductor Erik-Jan de With (Tenor Saxophone) himself played Songlines 3. EWI Saxophone player Hubert-Jan Hubeek appeared for a second time to perform Partial Eclipse by Nigel Woods., togehther with the Orchestra. The Orchestra finished of the concert with a smashing performance of Will Gregory's Hoe Down.
Although recruited from various amateur music schools and bands* the orchestra acted as a coherent unit.

Hubert-Jan Hubeek

* Music schools:

  • Stichting Regionaal Muziekonderwijs
  • Muziekschool Westland
  • Pius X, Poeldijk
  • Westlandse Harmonie (Concordia & Animato)
  • St. Gregorius, Kwintsheul
  • Honselse Harmonie, Honselersdijk
  • De Phoenix, Wateringen
  • Tavenu, Loosduinen