The Night of the Second Dutch School - The Afterparty with Kluster5

The third day of the December Dag in de Branding Festival, Sunday 4th brought an afternoon concert at the The Hague Gemeentemuseum (Municipality Museum) by exciting young ensemble Kluster5. They also played the day before, but for the reason they would do a full gig the next day I skipped their brief gig ons Saturday. In the glass roofed Garden Room of the museum Kluster5 rocked the building. With Isa Goldschmeding on violin, Tim Sabel playing the piano, Daan van Koppen playing various saxophones, Jennifer Heins on percussion, guitarist Martin van Hees and sound technician Oscar Bouwman, they performed five compositions. They kicked off playing Of a beast by Graham Flett. Graham especially arranged his piece Beast in the drawer for Kluster5. A heavy and heavily interesting piece started by the piano and with destinctive input by Daan on alto saxophone. This was followed by the composition 'G' by Carlos Itturalde. As the name states it all centres on the note g and is played in all kinds of different colours and in variuous kinds and measures. A serene start with Jennifer playing a small gong, piano and Daan on alto saxophone. Guitar and violin joining in later. With some pizzicato "g's" by Isa. In two words a subtle piece.

Martin van Hees changed guitars for Your blue and my purple by composer Genevieve Murphy. It started with the ensemble members reading aloud the colours indicated on their paper. But with a significant caesura, when suddenly the word of the colour and the colour of the characters isn't the same anymore. This leads to the targetted failing. This first part is followed by a conversation recording including the voice of the grandmother of Genevieve. The third part is a tranquil instrumental sequence leading to another recording of a conversation. The finale is a tranquil sequence all in honour of the composers aging grandmother.

Isa Goldscheming

Kluster5 then performed Product no. 1 by Andrew Hamilton. A variation on an hymn. Special about this is that the performers had to sing the hymn as well. The composer , choosing for a baritone saxophone, included all kinds of jokes in the notes. And the music evolves briliantly from a traditional hymn into an abstract and more and more uptempo composition. Leading to a instrumental hymnlike finale.

Ring master Martin van Hees promised an uptempo finale with John de Simone's composition Independence. Written around the referendum for independence for and in Scotland, back in 2014. A swinging and very rhythmical piece, with a calm second part. To end in an energetic, dynamic finale, with a bursting baritone saxophone and guitar as layer under an kind of improvising violin. Music that makes you happy

Daan van Koppen


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