Rewire-x-Korzo #3

And again there was a major contemporary music festival in The Hague, The Netherlands this fall. The Korzo Theatre was the stage for the Rewire-x-Korzo #3 Festival on 4 November. In a crowded Korzo DJ Mata Hari entertained the audience from start to finish. In between three 'relatively' short concerts by The Void*, Ensemble Klang XL and Tyondai Braxton.

The Void* (The Void Pointers)

The Void* (pronounced: The Void Pointers) took the stage with their electronics, guitars and piano. They improvise using modified instruments and electronics in a structured way. In their first piece a wall of sound was created. This was accompagnied by a video with the three wearing mask. In building up to a crescendo the music and video went in parallel. The more distorted the music became the more distorted the images of the threesome became. After this relative short piece they came up with a lenghty second one. In this piece the piano was used. Calm piano sounds were opposed by sometimes peaceful sometimes fierce electronics. Elongated bass sounds were accompagnied by Tijs Ham's voice, developing into again a wall of sound. The fresh approach of music by this ensemble could count on a great resonance of the audience. The Void* are Roald van Dillewijn, Tijs Ham and Eric Magnée.

Ensemble Klang XL, conducted by Christian Karlsen

For the third time (The Hague, Festival Wonderfeel and now again in The Hague) since the 14th of May 2016 Ensemble Klang XL performed the masterpiece Professor Bad Trip composed by Italian Fausto Romitelli. Unfortunately original Klang member Pete Harden (electric guitar) was unavailable for this gig due to other commitments. But, not less important, Matangi Quartet cellist Arno van der Vuurst was present to perform the highly difficult cello solo in this piece. Saskia Lankhoorn (piano and keyboard) and Joey Marijs being the lone Klang members. Also present a.o. fellow Matangi Quartet members Maria-Paula Majoor and Karsten Kleijer and flutist Felicia van den End. And again conducted by Swede Christian Karlsen. And as Christian Karlsen said the music is hard to describe. An LSD trip this Professor Bad Trip piece depicts. But what a bloody hell of a fine music this is. A composition in three parts with a brilliant solo by cellist Arno van der Vuurst. Who deservedly was singled out by conductor Karlsen.

Tyondai Braxton

Live electronics by Tyondai Braxton, with laptop and other electronic equipment. Experimental electronic music with a significant variety of beats as a propelling force. And also accompagnied by a video projection. The former frontman of experimental rockband 'Battles' entertained the audience for almost an hour. A worthy finish to this contemporaray music festival.


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