Omega Impact Singing Composers Project #2: Spring Festival #50 of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Day 1.2

April 3rd, 2017. The fiftieth Spring Festival of the Composition Department of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. The second evening gig saw Omega Impact take the spotlight. Under the guidance of Grzegor Marciniak composition students were invited to compose a piece for the Ensemble and also perform the vocal part themselves. Tim Povel, Lise Morrison from South-Africa, Renán Zelada Cisneros, Emil Tan Erten, Rob Jones and Remco Gerritsen took up the challenge. Band leader Grzegorz Marciniak threw in a piece of his own.

Omega Impact kicked off with No Important Person by Rob Jones. A keyboard was put on the conductor spot for Rob Jones. And with this keyboard he generated the voice part of the composition. A voice with a very typical mechanical sound. The instrumentalist contribute sparse notes after a while. Then the band takes over compleytely. Leading to a kind of dialogue between voice and instruments.

Omega Impact

Next up was Renán Zelada Cisneros with not one but two compositions. He announced the pieces himself. Renán said:"Walking slowly and Angel of LOOOVE." Walking Slowly is a moderate tempo and very much laid back composition, with a fine part for the recorder. In Angel of Love Renán sang his piece in a very articulate way. The chorus, in which Renán played the violin, is uptempo, swinging and very much Latinamerican influenced. A song with a lot of tempi.
Kween by Lise Morrison was next on the programme. A birthday theme. With in de vocal parts a distinct jazzy expression. That jazzy feeling significantly underlined by the timbre of Lise's voice.
Remco Gerritsen came up with an extreme hardcore rap song. A midtempo doom kind of rap. His piece was called External Essence Overdose. Remco told:"The text is about creating and being scared about creating. And at the same time being pissed off about creating."
Grzegorz Marciniak was next with his composition called: Sur la plage de Scheveningen. The piece is about horses at the beach. The title is French, but the rest of the text was in Polish and English. A when not singing Grzegorz played the melodica. Also included a fine solo for Jacob Lodico playing the recorder.

Renán Zelada Cisneros

Emil Tan Erten came up with an old piece as he announced through a megaphone. His piece is a arrangement of Dillinger Escape Plan's "When Good Dogs Do Bad Things." It all starts with sounds of sawing wood. And then the band erupts. With Emil walking around and shouting the text into the megaphone.
Last but not least was Tim Povel with his composition Sto lat. Tim said:"It is a birthday today. Let's make the last few minutes of the opening night of this Festival a joy." With a lot of humour, singing with a funny voice, Tim and Omega Impact closed the evening. A piece driven by Grzegorz's melodica with a dance rythm.

Omega Impact are:
Grzegorz Marciniak – voice, bassoon, melodica
Jacob Lodico – recorders
Hélène Duret – clarinets
Vladan Kulišic – harmoniums
Jordi Cassagne – bass guitar
Théo Lanau – percussion


Photo Album



Tim Povel - Sto lat - Omega Impact

Renán Zelada Cisneros - Walking Slowly - Omega Impact

Renán Zelada Cisneros - Angel Of Love - Omega Impact

Rob Jones - No Important Person - Omega Impact