Decomposing Raaijmakers by the Catchpenny Ensemble - Spring Festival #50 of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Day 2.2

April 4th, 2017. The second day of the fiftieth Spring Festival of the Composition Department of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. The day before Martijn Padding paid tribute to the founder of the Festival, Dick Raaijmakers, in a theatrical way. The Catchpenny Ensemble honoured Raaijmakers with a special group composition: Decomposing Raaijmakers. Catchpenny invited Composition Department students Sara Zamboni, Alexandre Kordzaia and Jimena Maldonado to team up with Catchpenny composers Yvonne Freckmann and Nikos Kokolakis te write this piece. As the Ensemble wrote:'The main structure of the piece is a canon of musical material inspired by some of Dick Raaijmakers works, which are analytical and strictly generated.' In total the composition consists of eight parts. Part 1 is composed by Alexandre Kordzaia, parts 2 and 6 by Jimena Maldonado, parts 3 and 7 by Sara Zamboni, parts 4 and 8 by Yvonne Freckmann and part 5 by Nikos Kokolakis. While Jimena Maldonado and Yael Levy took care of the visuals.

Catchpenny Ensemble

The piece was conducted by Andrea Gasperin. In part 1 the stretched eletronic sounds by Alexandre dominate. Later on first the strings and then the piano excels above the basic electronic sounds.
In the second part the entire ensemble is involved. It breathes an atmosphere of elctronics from the years 70 and 80 of the past century. Followed by dynamic serialism in part three, in which the piano has an important share, followed by percusioon and oboe. Parts 4 starts with the flutitst soloing above piano, percussion and strings. The others musicians producing a staccato quasi electronic sound. While the percussion shines Ivan places piles of books on the strings of his piano. In the rest of the parts the music smoothly goes from one part to another. All these parts radiate of seriousness and tranquility and combine for a most coherent composition.
In the background pictures of Dick Raaijmakers and his electronic installations were projected.

Pianist Ivan Pavlov

Line up of the Catchpenny Ensemble for this gig:

  • Rui Medeiro de Matos - Flute
  • Irene Ruiperez Canales - Flute
  • Chris Tsogias-Razakov - Oboe
  • Sofia Baptista Torgal - Oboe
  • Vincent Martig - Clarinet
  • Natalia Alvarez-Arenas - Percussion
  • Sascha Thiele - Electric guitar
  • Ivan Pavlov - Piano
  • Alexandre Kordzaia - Keyboards
  • Akvile Ruockute - Violin
  • Begonia Chan - Violincello


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