KCLab of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague

February 20th, 2017. KCLab. The playground of the Composition Department of the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague in Korzo Theatre. The event for composition students to showcase their newest compositions. This (always) Monday evening Amba Klapwijk, Emil Erten, Germán Medina Calle, Siglinde Burghouts and Juan Luis Montoro presented their pieces. As (more than an) encore there was an improvisation session.

The concert was kicked off by The Royal Trash Ensemble playing Amba Klapwijk's piece, after a concept by Fenna de Jonge. And the Ensemble played trash. Fruit pits, sheets of plastic, water filled cans, bottles etc. All kinds of trash was used to produce sounds. Center stage lay a huge pile of trash. Every now and then a part of the musicians would pick up different materials to use as musical instruments. The Ensemble was conducted by Lauge Dideriksen.

Emile Erten's Sempre Legato was up next. An extraordinary instrumentation with both baroque and amplified instruments:
Belemir Baran - Violin
James Hewitt - Baroque viola
Andrea James Child - Bass
Ege Atalay - Baroque Cello
Dan Gibson - Electric Cello
Orestis Willemen - Electric Bass
Ivan Vukosavljevic - Electric Guitar
In the early going the Baroque violin leads the way, followed by the cello. Very long notes with the other performers joining in gradually. Both the Electric guitar and - bass are played with a bow. The music faded out on tranquil mode.

Playing Sempre Legato by Emil Erten

Equiangular was the piece composer Germán Medina Calle presented. Three duos of acoustic guitar and clarinet. One duo on stage. The other two left and right high up in the stand. With all clarinet player in constant motion. The two in the stand constantly moving up and down the stairs. A modest piece.

After the break violinists Imogen Eve and Nathalie Vos played the virtuoso composition Ethica by Siglinde Burghouts. With a kind of siren as returning motto.

Juan Luis Montoro's composition Reflejos de agua, sal y hierro stages a female singer, Natalia Pérez, and a pianist, Juan Miquel Moreno Camacho. A serene composition. A song without words, with only slight accompaniment by the piano.

Natalia Pérez in Reflejos..

A lively Improvisation Session was staged by the Impro Lab Ensemble. This improvisation group was formed by Guus Janssen, himself a master improviser, as lecturer at de Royal Conservatoire. And Guus himself 'threw the first stone' on piano. Which led to an interesting and adventurous soundscape. With a fine solo by Orestis Willemen on electric guitar. And the piano and clarinet duelling in the finale.


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