David Lang at Storioni's Grande Parade

January 21st, 2017 in the Music Hall in Eindhoven, The Netherlands Storioni's Grande Parade took place. With of course Composer-in-residence David Lang. The evening weas a mix of classical music and contemporary music. A.o. Mozart, Chopin and Ravel (Tzigane; an extraordinary peformence by Ray Chen) up against three pieces by David Lang and a composition by Scottish composer Genevieve Murphy. After having just arrived in the Netherlands David Lang was interviewed in the Storioni Café. He told in detail about the three pieces played later that night, the startpoint for a composer and his connection with The Netherlands. But off course most of all about shade, a World Premiere. Commissioned by the Storioni Festival, De Doelen Rotterdam and the New York City Ballet. And David was not present at the performance in New York later that day, but elected to be in Eindhoven:"When I listen to music I close my eyes. So no need to go to a ballet."

David Lang

In the first David Lang piece called 'undanceable' Russian cellist Anastasia Feruleva teamed up with Storioni Trio pianist Bart van de Roer. And where often there is a kind of rythmic pulse in David's music, in this piece the part of the instruments are very, very tight interwoven. This makes for great music. But hardly danceable. And extremely difficult to play. By the way the music asks for pizzicato play of the cellist.

Anastasia Feruleva and Bart van de Roer

After a change from the Small Hall to the 2nd Foyer star double bass player Quirijn van Regteren Altena was ready for his interpretation of David's 2001 composition 'I feel pretty'. As Lang stated he intentionally wanted to give this complex piece a paradoxical name.

Quirijn van Regteren Altena and Bram van Sambeek

After bassoon player Bram van Sambeek and Quirijn van Regteren Altena played a duo by Albert Roussel the stage was set for both gentlemen to perform Drip by Genevieve Murphy. A very rhythmical piece accompoanied by a video of a counting person with a crown ink pen. After dipping the pen into the inkpot the counting on a preconceived piece of paper takes place. The punch line of this execution is that it is unpredictable when the 'drip' happens. All this commented by the two instrumentalists. Genevieve confessed afterwards she was very content with both gents playing her piece:"They are top performers and really understand this new music."

Then it was on to the main Music Hall for the World Premiere of 'shade'. I thought it of extraordinary beauty in the typical Lang style. And what a performance by the Storioni Trio and the Riga Sinfonietta conducted by Normunds Šne. In my opinion a well balanced (trio versus orchestra) piece. But not so to national newspaper music journalists Joep Stapel (NRC Handelsblad) and Frits van der Waa (Volkskrant); 'Interesting, but monomaniacal'. What the papers write is their reality. My reality is that it belongs to the finest music I ever heard, period. When I am allowed to publish the video, you can decide yourself.

Storioni Trio and Riga Sinfonietta


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