Magical Watts in the Electricity plant

As part of the quarterly new music festival 'Dag in de Branding' Ensemble Klang premiered Watts by Peter Adriaansz. A special location was chosen for this Saturday March 10th concert: De Electriciteitsfabriek (Electricity plant) in the Hague, NL. A barren but beautiful steel skeleton building, with steel beams: width 1 meter and depth 1 meter. Unfortunately regular pianist and current curator of the festival Saskia Lankhoorn was ill. She was ably replaced by Kluster5 pianist Tim Sabel. Peter's composition called for a Ensemble Klang XL. Beside the regular instruments the score demanded extra an accordion (An Raskin), acoustic guitar (Santiago Lascurain) and a second percussionist (Jeroen Geevers). The setup of the players was also exceptional. In the middle accordion, keyboard and the two guitars facing each other. On both sides at a distance the percussionists and up on the galery the three brass players.

Peter Adriaansz

The concert was introduced by music narrator Brechtje Roos. She taked about Sound, Time and Space. About forgetting your luggage, your musical luggage and quotes. Music is like Nature. Peter likes to zoom in and goes about microscopically. So put a magnifying glass to your ears. And about Alan Watts: Time is only an agreement.

Watts is a composition of a certain layer to which all musicians contribute. Electronics, percussion and acoustic guitar kick off and gradually all players join in. But at a certain time the percussion breaks free of the basic layer and kind of comments on that layer in a frivolous and magnificent way. The music returns to the basic layer with gradually less instruments to end in a tranquil way. Al this woven around a speech by Alan Watts on time, language, social conventions and many other phenomena.

Ensemble Klang

Afterwards Klang's artistic director Pete Harden told:"I really love this music. To keep the tension high for half an our with so few notes. A masterly atmospheric piece. An this is only the middle part of Peter's 'How to live a life' composition. There is a fast third part. And a first part for which it is not sure at the moment if it will contain a speech. And by the way An Raskin doesn't play a regular accordion. She plays the bayan, a Russian type chromatic button accordion." < BR> As I leave the building tenor saxophone player Michiel van Dijk remarks: "Outside it is much warmer than inside". From 2 to 12 degrees Celsius. The enormous hall still held the freezing 'Beast from the East' temperature we endured the preceding week.


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