World premiere of Components by Patrick Ellis

October 5th 2018 at the Zuiderstrandtheater. The home of The Hague Philharmonic. A bond between the Orchestra, the quarterly Festival Dag in de Branding and the Royal Conservatoire came together in the opening concert of the 49th edition of the Festival. Young British composer was elected the write a five minute piece for the symphony orchestra. Patrick started with his piece as early as March 2018, but mostly worked at it during summer. Patrick:"I was present at two reheasels. Yesterday Thursday October 4th and today in the afternoon. And after the first rehearsel I was schocked. And that in a positive sense. The piece unfolded just like I imagined."

Flowers for Patrick Ellis

So his composition Components kicked of the Festival edition dedicated to Sofia Goebaidoelina. His piece preceded her brilliant and brilliantly played violin concerto (Antje Weithaas) Offertorium and the 5th Symphony by Dmitri Sjostakovitsj. Good company for this talented young man.

Conductor Otto Tausk appeared on stage and Components was played for a sellout crowd. Very much an highly energetic piece. And that from start to finish. As the name states a composition of several parts homogeniously molded together. As Patrick formulated it:"Although some motives appear more frequently than others they are peacefully side by side in a fixed framework." Not a polite but a real meaningful applause was Patrick's share. With an encore of the applause as he crossed the hall again after having descended from stage with the conductor through the stage door. An how did he go home? On his racing bike.

The Hague Philharmonic