Michael Gordon's 8: Cello Galore

November 4th 2018 at the Grote Kerk. Day 3 of the November Music Festival in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. After the world premiere two weeks ago at the Cello Biennale in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Cello Octet now brought the piece '8' by Michael Gordon to the province Noord-Brabant.

Amsterdam Cello Octet

Before the concert I asked Michael for a few words after the concert. He urged me to take a seat in the front row. The best place to experience the piece and best for acoustical reasons. The eight cellist were grouped in a circle facing each other with circular rows of seats behind them.

Amsterdam Cello Octet

The players all wear earplugs for the click track for the varying tempi of the piece. The composition is very energetic and rhythmic. With the music sometimes going round like a carrousel through the ensemble. And sometimes even back and forth. Adding a dimensional effect to the music. Like a magician Michael let the celli sound like percussion and even organ. A vulcano eruption-like experience.
A standing ovation for cellist and composer, were their reward.

Amsterdam Cello Octet