Open Evening and Open Day @ Royal Conservatoire The Hague 2018

January 25th, 2018. Open Evening Day at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague and on the 27th the Open Day. The Composition Department as always staged concerts for future students and the general audience. Thursday evening in the Arnold Schönberg Hall composers David Azaglo, Sara Zamboni and James Alexandropoulos-McEwan gathered musicians to play their pieces under the guidance of conductor Tom Goff.

The Tom Goff led ensemble

David Azaglo's 'Canon in 3/8' was inspired by Ghanaian percussion rhythms. Previously written for four instrumentalists in this instance violin, cello, double bass and bass guitar were supplemented by trombone, flute, piano and percussion giving the piece an extra drive on basis of the percussion layer. A very appealing repetitive composition.
Sara Zamboni's piece entitled Solos is quite a different piece. The title outlines the nature of the composition. The piano sets the pace for different soli to be played by the other instruments. A repetitve layer upon which more lyrical (e.g. flute and cello) and rhythmical (e.g. percussion and trombone) soli evolve.
The composition Streams and torrents by James Alexandropoulos-McEwan concluded the Composition Department's contribution to the concert. The audience took part in this piece as they played the downloaded via for this work. As the composer explained:'different layers of sound material follow their own paths fairly independently of each other., coexisting in a harmonious yet conflicting manner; sometimes flowing and other times overflowing out to the audience'.

Vassilina Ifanti

Saturday afternoon conductor Lauge Dideriksen took the stage together with his handpicked musicians to play his composition 'Meaning'. A starting and stopping of small themes. The stopping marked by a drum beat. With a nice part by soprano Julie Hasfjord and a remarkable role for Anna Fronczak on bass clarinet.
A masterpiece by Juan Luis Montoro Santos called 'Miles away study' followed. Live electronics by a percussionist, Juan Luis himself. As he wrote a quadrophenic pice for amplified woorden table, lights and two solar panels. Of course a piece very much rhythmical.

Both gigs proved to be appealing events for would be composition students from all over the world.


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