Universe Birds Vocal Ensemble at the 2018 Spring Festival @ Royal Conservatoire The Hague

April 9th, 2018. And again Georgi Sztojanov formed a Universe Birds Vocal group for the Spring Festival performance. The Ensemble started three years ago at the Spring Festival with a special Hans Abrahamsen vocal project performing his composition 'Universe Bird' for 10 sopranos. Georgi:"Since then we try to keep the tradition with de Composition Department and the Singing Department together. So this year we worked with 3 fantastic composers who wrote for these wonderful sopranos. And in very short time we prepared quite an exciting programme."

Universe Birds

Yonatan Ron composed a contemplative piece called 'Supra and Triplum'. which means higher and above in relation to the medieval soprano voice. The text is a single line quoting 13th-century Persian poet Mohamed Jalal ad-Din Balkhi Rumi: "There is a voice that does not use words, listen."

The second piece, 'Look at it the other way around' by Robert Coleman, was a more varied composition. Staccato in the beginning, gradually developing into a more meandering melodic song. Then suddenly the singers run up the stairs and form two groups on either side of the stands. They continued singing soft voice, erupting into a shouting finale.

The final composition is called 'Formations' by Dimitris Roubos. The sopranos stand in a U-formation around the conductor. On a layer of soprano voices the conductor acts as narrator.

The Universe Birds Ensemble 2018 are Kitty Lai, Pia Rener, Phoebe Kirage, Gita Rebeka Divelka, Ana Maria Lopez and Carolina Luis. And of course conductor Georgi Sztojanov.

Gita Rebeka Divelka


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