Hodiernal Quartet at the 2018 Spring Festival @ Royal Conservatoire The Hague

April 9th, 2018. The final gig of that evening. The Hodiernal Quartet - hodiernal stands for of/relating to the present - is a string quartet, but not a traditional one. Peculiar is their own classification. For beside violin (Beremir Baran), cello (Alfian Adytia) and electric- and double bass (Cody Takács) it features (all kind of) guitars played by Orestis Willemen.

Hodiernal Quartet

With composer Lauge Dideriksen conducting his own piece 'In Medias Res' (excerpt). Supported by double bass and classical guitar the violin starts a kind of lament. After this outburst the cello smoothens the atmosphere. The cello and double bass playing a crescending unisono. But soon the violin joins in and leads an eruption of sounds. All marked by staccato guitar sounds. A cello solo in a virtuoso style finishes the performance. The composer accompagnied the piece with a quote from Horace:"Nor does he begin the Trojan War from the egg. But always he hurries to the action, and snatches the listener into the middle of things."

Aino Tenkanen - Follow Me! A composition from 2015. As the composer states:"I see this piece as a tiny guitar concerto. Guitar has the leading role and strings are commenting and conversing with it as one unit." At first the accompagny of the virtuoso guitar is pizzicato after one and a half minute going to arco. A very lively composition. The piece was originally composed for quartet with viola, but for Hodiernal Quartet Aino arranged it for quartet with double bass.

Orestis Willemen


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