Royal Concertgebouworchestra plays Christiaan Richter

January 17th, 2019 at the Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. In their Horizon series the Royal Concertgebouworchestra (RCO), in which they programme adventurous music with a special theme, the Barcelona and Amsterdam 1919 concert celebrated the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and the Amsterdam School. Sandwiched between two pieces of Maurice Ravel RCO presented compositions by conductor George Benjamin, Spaniard Blai Soler (1977) and the young Dutch composer Christiaan Richter.

Christiaan Richter's composition called Wendingen was commissioned by the RCO. It was directly inspired by the architecture of the Amsterdam School; to be seen near the Central Station, the Spaardammer quarter and the magazine by the same title of that group of architects and artists. His piece was accompanied by a videopresentation by Wildvreemd, artistically led by Steye Hallema. But also the title, Twists in English, refers to the many turns in the composition. With a fine mix between more tranquil wavelike parts and heavy The Hague School (dynamic and forte music) injections. All accompanied by video art seamlessly synchronising to the music, with both imaginary pictures and collages of Amsterdam School architecture. Ending in a short kaleidoscopic finale. What a composition. What an honour for the young composer to have your piece world premiered by the Royal Concertgebouworchestra.

Conductor George Benjamin and Christiaan Richter

His former composition teacher at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Martijn Padding, was present at the conert and congratulated Christiaan with his achievement. Martijn said:"With such a piece you only can fall on yours knees and kiss the shoes of Christiaan."

Christiaan Richter