IIHF W 2005 Division I, Group B - Eindhoven, The Netherlands April 20th, 2005 - France - Romania 6-1

Not a very interesting match to watch is the match France versus Romania. A match with lots of rule infractions and irritations. Generally speaking one considered Romania to be the weakest team of the tournament. The lack of quality did translate into less fair play by the Romanian squad. Atilla Goga sat out three minor penalties in the first stanza. France rules superior. Massive attacks are launched on the Viorel Radu defended net. In doing so the French are fanatically backed by a fan group form Rouen. A voluminous lady has dressed in a black Rouen jersey. The player's name on the back starts with groen. As she notices we are staring at the name se turns her full back towards us and we read: Groeneveld, and see a signature of Phil underneath. The Dutch national goaltender had a stint with the Rouen squad. The fans carry a drum and two ladies have wooden clapping hands. With these they support their chanting, which they continue throughout the encounter: Allez la France, encore plus fort (Go France, again but louder) etc. etc. A Dutch spectator is visibly annoyed by the French noise and says so in Dutch. Despite my ears being on the border of collaps now and then it is good to support your team I think. We are not attending a funeral. Because of the penalties Team Romania only deploys their first - Ervin Moldovan led - attack after more than four minutes have gone. On the powerplay Simon Bachelet and David Dostal test the Romanian goalie. But Viorel Radu stood his ground. A backhander by François Rozenthal three meters from goal sails just wide. Then the Romanians are cougth with six skaters on the ice. Ioan Timaru and Jean-François Bonnard are both expelled for two minutes. With teams four against four Thibault Geffroy passes to Maurice Rozenthal. He shoots, but there is a rebound. Standing undefended at the far corner François Rozenthal nets the puck easily, 1-0 after 19.15. A meagre lead after such total domination.
In the second period again most of the action in front of Voirel Radu, who neutralises shots by Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, Guillaume Besse, Olivier Coqueux and a low fast drive by Nicolas Pousset. Laurent Meunier tests Radu, who has to give a rebound. Julien Desrosiers acts first and pokes the puck over de goalline, 2-0 (27.07). Again a powerplay for Team France. François Rozenthal start a solo after a Vincent Bachet pass. Nearing the goalmouth the opuck slides in front of François Rozenthal. But with an ultimate effort he gets some wood on the rubber and pushes the puck low in the rigth corner, 3/0 at 28.25. A low wrist shot by Kevin Hecquefeuille lands in the same corner of the net, 4/0 at 28.58. That is the sign for Romanian coach Daniel Herlea to lift vetran Viorel Radu in favour of Adrian Catrinoi. With a man advantage a shot by Pierre-Edouard Bellemare only hits the goalpost. The period is nearing it´s end when Catalin Geru leads the first serious attack of his team in this period. After serving a slashing penalty Roberto Cazacu returns to the ice. He does not head for the player bench but for the French goal. Cruising behind the goalline Roberto suddenly centers the puck. The puck deflects from the stick of a French defender into the Fabrice Lhenry tended net for 4-1 at 38.03.
In the final period it is again Roberto Cazacu leading the attack. But Fabrice Lhenry saves. During another Romanian penalty François Rozenthal, Xavier Daramy and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare do not get past Catrinoi. In a spare attack Catalin Geru cannot overpower the French goalie. Then Alain Meunier deflects a shot high in the air into the goal. But he is not credited for the score. Guillaume Karrer, who took the initial shot from the blueline, is given the goal, 5-1 at 54.41. Levente Elekes penalty - checking to the head - is taken advantage of by Xavier Daramy, who guides the puck past the Romanian goaltender at 56.56 for 6-1.
The IIHF Directorate chose Mihai Stoiculescu and Simon Bachelet as MVP of their team.