Easy win for Romania
IIHF WC 2012 U18 Division IIA - Romania - The Netherlands 10-5 (6-4-2012)

As expected The Netherlands coach Robb Serviss depended on Jan-Willem Groenheijde to defend the net. While Romanian coach Otto Keresztes let Zoltan Toke take place between the pipes.

A good start for Team The Netherlands which showed they could take on any opponent. Davey Menting's early shot sailed over the crossbar. From behind the goalline playmaker Tom Marx fed Raymond van der Schuit in the slot, whose shot just sailed wide. After 90 seconds Dutch goaltender Jan-Willem Groenhijde recorded his first save. The spotlight was on Zoltan Toke who denied shots by Joey Verreijen, Tom Marx, Sebastiaan Snijder, Tony Ras and Reno de Hondt. With in between just two little opportunities for Team Romania to score, when a break by Balazs Peter was nullified by Jan-Willem Groenheijde and a wrist shot by Romanian captain Daniel Tranca was gloved by the Dutch netminder. But then Thomas Borgman hooked Romanian Tamas Nagy and was sent to the penalty box by referee Alexander Sergeev. From that point (9.54) the game shifted completely in favour of the East-European team. Daniel Tranca scores a powerplay goal on his shot from right wing into the far corner, 1-0 at 10.14. Tamas Nagy sets up play, shake offs some Dutch players, shoots and Robert Egyed deflts the puck into the net for 2-0 at 11.23. Left all alone in front of the net Szabolcs Hildebrand smartly beats Groenheijde for the third goal, 3-0 (14.43). On the next attack Groenheijde looks behind him if the puck hasn't gone into the net, but luckily he smothered the puck safely between his legguards. The Dutch regrouped after this severe setback, which led a.o. to a dangerous shot just wide of the net by Tom Marx. And to a penalty against Nandor Tamas for cross checking Sebastiaan Snijder (19.59).

So in the second stanza the Dutch had a powerplay. But this only led to a single remarkable shot on goal by Danny Stempher who managed the shot to stay out of reach of the glove of Zoltan Torke, but unfortunately also sailing just past the wrong side of the goalpost. A not very smart tripping infraction by goaltender Groenheijde against diminutive Csanad Okos sentenced Jesse Hendriks to the penalty box. Everyone excepted a massive attack on the Dutch net. But Tom Marx crowned a solo effort with the marker for 3-1 after 23.30. A shorthanded goal. The Dutch believe in themselves again and Zoltan Toke is at the center of attention as he denies shots by Jordy Knoren, Sebastiaan Snijder and Tony Ras (twice). And when an interference penalty is called against Tom Marx (26.15) the Dutch comeback ends. Csanad Okos finds the five hole and scores 4-1 (27.09). A tripping, which caused a severe injury with Matyas Biro, by Luke Zwartbol was called with a five minute major and an automatic game misconduct penalty (28.19). So open the floodgates. Daniel Tranca went for the five hole and scored 5-1 (28.38). Followed by a successful shot from the face off circle by Gergo Biro: 6-1 after 29.40. With still five on three in favour of the Romanians Tom Marx scores his second shorthander of the game (but this time with two men down!), 6-2 at 33.13. In the dying minutes of the period Jan-Willem Groenheijde gloves a Csanad Okos shot and Zoltan Molnar shoots across the goal.

In the final period Team Romania scores on the first attack. Daniel Tranca took care of this one. And when a Dutch player put the puck on the stick of Matyas Biro the Romanian forward made it a 8-2 game. And with that chasing goalie Jan-Willem Groenheijde from the ice. Daniel Oordt replaced him. A dangerous shot by the Romanians hit the goal post. But Danile Oordt pulled himslef into the game with a fine glove save on a Daniel Tranca shot. On the powerplay Jordy Knoren and Sebastiaan Snijder just missed the net. But Knoren's second effort is more rewarding. From the side of the rink he skates into the slot, shoots and scores, 8-3 (47.23). From the following face off Nandor Tamas shoots form the blueline. Daniel Oordt lets the puck slip from his glove and it is a 9-3 match (47.40). Joey Verreijen frees Detre Hodos from the penalty box, when he reflects Raymond van der Schuit's pass and beats Zoltan Toke for 9-4 (50.00). Later on Verreijen tries a wrap around. The rebound is five holed by Sebastiaan Snijder for 9-5 (55.27). But Team Romania has an instant answer. Csanad Okos upped the score to 10-5 after 55.42. A frustrated Sebastiaan Snijder gets a ten minute misconduct penalty and immediately leaves the ice for the locker room. At 58.21 both Florian Bocu and goaltender Zoltan Toke are penalised. Coach Kersztes reacts with a time out. With a two man advantage Tony Ras and Joey Verreijen fire dangerous but unsuccessful shota at the Toke defended net. The score remains 10-5.

So with this win Romania secures the silver medal. Before the game even started the relegation of Team The Netherlands was a fact.

Photo series of the match:

IIHF WC 2012 U18 Division IIA - Romania - The Netherlands 10-5 (6-4-2012)