This website contains the genealogical information that I found while searching for the history of the family Schrijver in Zeeland (Netherlands). Although still far from complete, it is nevertheless a first step. In addition, the data from my other heirs, namely, the families Stevense, Ruissen and van den Boomgaard is also included.

Help is always welcome, so anyone who has additions, corrections, photos or other material please contact me. Changes will not be implemented immediately, but I will try to do it within one week.


In making the report published on this web site, I used the terms established by law for access to records. For death records this period is 50 years, for marriage records the period is 75 years. Birth records are unaccessible over a period of the last 100 years. Data not meeting these requirements are not  published unless it is consented by the data owner.


The report presented on this site is generated by Aldfaer combined with the template of Han Kortekaas.


Last update: 01-06-2014