Chaos theology



What is the origin of Evil?

That is an unsolved question within the framework of the 1800-year old doctrine of 'creation from nothing' (creatio ex nihilo). Since this doctrine presents four other problems, Sjoerd Bonting has formulated a revised and more biblical creation theology, which he calls 'chaos theology'.
In this theology both moral and physical evil become understandable. It also provides a theology of illness, which does away with ideas about guilt and punishment.
Sjoerd Bonting was a biochemist and theologian. Since his retirement from active scientific work he spent most of his time on the dialogue between science and theology. He has published five books in this area:
Creation and Evolution: Attempt at Synthesis (1996; in Dutch),
Human, Chaos, Reconciliation (1998; in Dutch),
Between Belief and Unbelief (2000; in Dutch),
Chaos Theology, A Revised Creation Theology (2002),
Creation and Double Chaos, Science and Theology in Discussion (2005)
and 99 articles.