Computer museum TonH Dedicated to the memory of Ton den Hartog (1960-2007)
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Welcome to computer museum TonH.
If you want to go through the collection really quick, just keep pressing the Group-NEXT button.
If you have some time use the Item-Next button or push Start slide and enjoy.
The Browse button gives a list with hyperlinks to all items.   Use F11 to enlarge the screen-view on or off
Below these buttons you can always see where you are in the collection.
This site is built up like a tree with groups, sub-groups etc. to group items that are related.

What is in this museum?
Computers of course, however,  there is a lot more interesting stuff that were not computers but
were related to computers and these are included as well.
The collection consist mainly of computers, peripherals, electronics,  books and magazines.

A small foreword from André.....
The time-span of the collection that Ton gathered, ranges from mini's and the first homecomputers
to the first PC's, so very roughly 1975-1985.  Think of this time-span when you read the 
words modern or latest model in his comments as well as the quality of his photos.
To carry on this site I will  continue, adding a lot of my private collection from the past.
I will also enlarge the number of images and add animated files, so you can see how things works.
And I will add some technical stuff, no computers at all, because I love the look of it.
A thumbnail-picture with a red border stands for a vast explanation or history of this object.  
A lot of people askt me to translate this site into Dutch, I will, but mainly partial and it is progressing slowly!

If you want to know how this website came into being click here  (wrote by Ton, only in Dutch)
If you want to know more about André click here  (only in Dutch for now)
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