La Petite Audiophile



Fostex FE103 Sigma single-cone full-range loudspeaker in bass reflex enclosure

Used in our study


Associated equipment:                                                                                                  Last updated: December 8, 2008


Double Darling SE Tube Amplifier (Jeremy Epstein)

5 Watt Class A Amplifier (Flavio Dellepiane)

Marantz CD80 CD Player

Homemade FM Tuner (Elektor Feedback Receiver, a design from 1974 !)



Little should be said about the third set of speakers in our home. Everything that could be said has already been told on other sites, and in the audio press.


The following magazine articles are the primary references regarding this design:


1. Gérard Chrétien, “Le Fostex FE-103 Sigma”, L’Audiophile, no.31, Février 1984.

2. “Le Fostex FE-103” (rubrique On en parle), L’Audiophile, no.29, p.95-96, Septembre 1983

3. “La Petite Audiophile en colonne”, (rubrique On en parle) L’Audiophile, no.41, p.80-81, 3e trimestre, 1987.


All issues of L’Audiophile are available on two CDs, which can be purchased from Nicolas Davidenko.

You may contact him through his website:

This magazine has published many interesting articles, but you must understand French in order to read them.


Fellow homebuilder and tube-enthusiast Klaus Schiffer has reported on the Petite Audiophile. Unfortunately, his site disappeared from the web.


Finally, I have myself written an article about the speaker in an American audio magazine:


4. Aren van Waarde, “Simple Audio System, Part 2: Speakers”, AudioXpress 36, March issue, pp.36-40, 2005.





Above you see the dimensions of the enclosure. Imaging of the speakers is outstanding. Althoug the acoustic output is limited (particularly in the bass), the speakers can play really loud in my study, a room of 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. 




Finally, a picture of the Petites made during the testing phase in our kitchen:





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