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The AN-GRC-3030, a Dutch military HF-set dating from the '50s comparable with the AN-GRC-9, also called Angry-Nine

Welcome at the homepage of Menno Putman, PE1LDZ, SRS 96221

member of the VERON Department A-56 "Waterland" , MCGP and MRCG

JO 22 LM, The Netherlands

These pages deal with surplus military radio, also called ex-equipment or dump as we say in the Netherlands. As a military radio addict I collect, restore and operate these radio's. How to obtain them ? Well, quite simple.....there are several stores and dealers in the Netherlands.The prices are cheap compared with the U.S.A. and the UK surplus dealers. Sometimes I import things from Germany, Belgium or France to get a complete radioset. Radio flea-markets or radio-rallies are also a good source for this equipment. Beside this there is always the Internet......... You see, travelling and a computer are very helpfull in finding the right "green stuff" !

The membership of The Surplus Radio Society can't be omitted as a serious military radio collector.Four times a year the SRS releases a magnificent and glossy magazine with loads of info about green surplus equipment.Apart from this there are meetings and field-days around the year. At these meetings you can test your equipment, get info or help to run your green friends, have an eye-ball qso with other members, listen to lectures about special green items a.s.o. There are about 400 members of the SRS in the Netherlands. One thing I almost forgot : apart from the native language which is used in the SRS-Bulletin there are also additions in English. Pse visit the SRS-pages for further info (see links).

If there are any questions about these pages, pse contact me! I always like to get in touch with other green radio enthusiasts ! (but, after 7500 hits....I experienced this several times, don't contact me about supplying an armoured battalion with VHF-rigs, frequency-hopping UHF-radio's or special crypto-equipment, I'm a collector, not a trader in military radio's........)

Index of my pages :

1) Home, general info

2) Links Page to surplus military radio dealers in Europe

3) Links Page to surplus military radio clubs and links to some military vehicle clubs

4) Links Page to other military radio collectors

5) Links Page to Military Radio related Museums SPECIAL !! Dutch Signal Corps Museum

6) Links Page to military radio dealers outside Europe

7) Links Page to dealers & bookshops with TM's and info about military radio equipment

8) Military Radio Industries & Suppliers

9) The equipment..1, the SEL SEM-52A

10) The equipment..2, the TeKaDe FSE 38/58 pages and other itemsPP-3026 PSU

An index to pages with info about specific military radio equipment can be found here. New items of interest will be added to this index. This implicates that the contents of these equipment pages will be changed without comments on this introduction page. Just look for changes on these pages at the "What's new page". A project in progress !

11) FAQ's

12) What's this ? Help wanted ! questions about unknown equipment...

13) PE1LDZ....a short bio...

TNX PA3GLS and PD1ACI for the support and comments !

These webpages were first published at the 12th of november 2000.

Warning ! Copyright ! All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced in any form or by any other means without the written permission of the author, Menno Putman, PE1LDZ, The Netherlands.




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