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The AN-PRR 9, a helmet worn, X-tal controlled RX. This was attached to a steel helmet by 3 clips. There is only a volume control combined with an on/off switch. An earpiece (H-264/PRR-9) can also be attached. The battery is a BA-505/U. Frequency range is 47~57 MHz. The TX-set has the designation AN/PRT-4 and can transmit on 2 X-tal controlled frequencies in the same range as the PRR-9. It wasn't very popular with the grunts for various reasons.............

1) Q: can batteries for the various army rigs still be obtained ?

---A: seldom ! you can try to find a factory where they are willing to make custom-made batteries or, otherwise, you have to construct them by yourself. The "anode"batteries who delivered the HT can sometimes be replaced by 9Volt batteries in series when the HT-current , drawn by the (T)RX is low. A DC-DC power converter is an other solution.

2) Q: replacement- or new tubes, where can I find them ?

---A: at surplus traders, radio fleamarkets and radiorallies. Sometimes even in unused, boxed, condition. Some "rare" types might be hard to find but tubes for the type of equipment shown on my pages is still obtainable. Carry a listing of your "wanted"tubes always with you in case something shows up !

3) Q: replacement or missing parts, where do I get them from ?

---A: same as the first answere line at 2 ! When you are member of a surplus club or (Internet) surplus newsgroup, try an advertisement. There are various sites for this purpose, like :

Zendamateur tweedehands (in the Netherlands, advertisements in the Dutch language)

4) Q: I bought a piece of ex.equipment which has been stored for a long time. It looks clean, inside and out. Can I fire it up ?

---A: NO !!! even when there are no signs of burned spots, loosy wires and leaky capacitors after a visual inspection I advise you to take readings of all the condensers and resistors. Do not apply power till you are convinced that the readings are OK. All values must be checked ! Some equipment contains selenium rectifiers. Check them out and, if necessary, replace them by new silicium types. Clean all the contacts of switches and tube fittings. Be carefull !! When everything is checked and eventually replaced, you can fire it up. Whenever possible : use a variac.

5) Q: What is the most common paint colour I can use if I want to restore scratches on the cabinet ?

---A: RAL-6014 in the Netherlands. If you still have some paint on the cabinet or cabinet parts, take a part with you to a paint store where they supply instant custom made paints (cans or sprays). They can help you to find the most matching colour. Remember : most of the equipment is covered with a matt or half-matt paint. No gloss ! You must degrease the surface before painting or spraying, even small spots.

6) Q: Is there any radio-active material used in ex. equipment like radio-sets or electronic parts 

Yes, pse see the following listing of radio-active components in (ex) Dutch Army equipment



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