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AN-GRC-9 and R-77, taken apart and seen from the back.


The hand crank generator GN-58-A with its seating consisting of 2X LG-3-B and 1X LG-2-B. The mating connecting cable to the AN-GRC-9 is CD-1086.

These pictures are of a custom made 220V-24V PSU of the belgian Army. It was used to connect the DY-88 to it. In fact this PSU consists of a large transformer and a cooled bridge-rectifier. Both switches on the front panel (one for the primary circuit and one for the output circuit) are of a delayed-type. There is a Volt meter between them on the front panel.An odd feature is the absence of any fuse......(even not in the primary circuit !) Is there any Belgian (ex-) militarian who worked with this type of equipment ?


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