Links to military radio clubs :

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Surplus Radio Society (The Netherlands)

Armyradio's ( an e-mail discussion group about military radio's (Yahoo))

West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group

Military Collectors Group Post (with invitation to join...)

Military Radio Collectors Association

Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society

VMARS The vintage military and amateur radio society

Kanagawa Signal Group (Japan)

Lightfighter Tactical Forum>see equipment>see communications

Collins Collectors Association


the R-209 MK 1, RX 1-20 MHz , 6V=DC ----------the R-209 Mk3, 12/24V=DC, 220V ~AC

the spares case of the R-209 with vibrator, valves and fuses

the R-209 Mk 3 (Museum Verbindingsdienst; Dutch Army Signal Corps)

The PE-209 BG, an odd 24 to 6 Volts converter, as used by the Belgian Army. The housing contains some huge resistors and a battery holder. This item must have been in use together with the R-209 Mk1.

Links to military vehicle clubs (in conjunction with military radio's)

The Nekaf site of the Netherlands (with some special info about the installation of the RT-3600)

The Nekaf page (with an e-mail link to obtain reprint military radio manuals from J.Dielissen, The Hague. See his listing on this page !)

Unimogs' online (German radio trucks)

The Unimog Link Page (all about the Unimog trucks, extensive links...)

Fitted for radio (Landrover and installed radio equipment)

Military Vehicle Preservation Association ( U.S.)