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Green Radios.com (extensive info on the SEL SEM-25/35 sets, a work in progress)

SEM-25... ...SEM-35 (vehicular set)... ..SEM-35 (backpack)

Marks Green Pages (info about SEM-radio's, other sets and military vehicles as the HUMVEE)

Freitas Homepage

Ausstellung militarischer Funkgeršte (a German site as a museum of military radio's, by DH4PY)

Online-museum fur militarische Nachrichtentechnik (military radio's collected by DH3MW)

Die Surplusseite fŁr Funkgeršte von DG1YFV

German Communications Receivers (info mainly about Siemens RX and some very usefull links)

Wireless for the Warrior (one of the best sites about this subject I know)

Signals Collection '40-'45 (only about radio's used in WW 2, well documented)

The Homepage of PA3FKK (digging for vintage military radio equipment...)

Vintage Military Wireless

Vintage Military Radio.com (W5OR)

Military Radio Specifications

Military Radio (Japanese site but also some English text. Info about recent mil. stuff like the PRC-2000)

Military Radio.Com  (info about Collins equipment and BC-375, BC-610, ARC-5, ARC-13 ......)

Military Radio Surplus by IK0XCC (in Italian language only)

Homepage of IK3HIA (military and vintage radio, Italian and English language)

Gray-Green Radio

The Gear Link List

G4NJH Amateur Radio Pages

G1IVG's Home Page

GW4OFQ Homepage (see equipment)

Dave's Military Radio Collection

WB4TUR Collecting Military Radio's

G4BXD-page (see also Military Wireless in the Midlands, scroll down on this page)

Richard Lacroix Military Communications Homepage (VE3UVX, an extensive site about military communications)

KC5IJD Homepage

K4CHE Homepage Military Radio's & Boatanchors

KG7BZ Homepage (see boatanchors : R-390, AN/SRT-14/15, BC-610, BC-348R)

Real radio's have motors

Steve Hill's VK4CZT Radio Museum

Steve's Boatanchors by Steve Whiting

The military commo equipment list..a work in progress.......

The wireless set No.19 website

U.S. Military portable radio's

Buzz's Military Vehicle and Radio Pages

Canadian Military Wireless Sets

WB6FZH Classic & Military Radio's

W4XE military radio's

Surplus Equipment is fun

Radio's are great (lots of Collins equipment !)


Die SEG - Homepage von DL7AWL

The GRC-9 and GRR-5 pages

WA7NPA's Radio Page (GRC-9, GRC-19, PRC-47, TCS)

First steps in Amateur Radio (by AB4OJ, his start as a HAM with surplus gear)

VK2DYM Military Radio & Radar Information Site

Keith's Vintage RACAL enthusiasts Site (extensive info, tips, repair....)

The RACAL RA-17 page

VE3FAB (vintage aircraft radio's and other interesting stuff...)

Bundeswehr VW-181 radiocar.....a restoration project including the SEM-equipment

Steve's Radiocar Pages (VW 181 and SEM-equipment)

VW-181 Facts & Figures.....same subject as the link above.......

Brookes' Military Information (lots of info about military electronic equipment)

Freds' Eclectic Files (pse scroll down ! extensive info; radio, radar, connectors, nomenclature etc.)

BC-224 & BC-348 aircraft radio receivers by KF6NUR

N4MWP Pages about the BC-348Q and R-392

The R-390 A/URR Home on the WWW (extensive info on this RX)

EB5AGV's vintage pages (see vintage equipment; also the TV-7 tube tester & data)

VR2BB Hong Kong Calling (a green radio collection)

WA4KCY Military Radio Collection (BC-611's)

GRUNT (US radio equipment from the Vietnam era )

Nolan's Redneck Boatanchor Page (a lot of info about tube testers and the R-390A/URR)

Dale's Military Radio & Computer Homepage (U.S. & Australian equipment and spy-sets)

Specwargear.com (see > gear & equipment; communication. An up-to-date inventory of commo- gear of the U.S. special forces)


The Angrynine Homepage

The World War II Collection from PAÝPZD (German, English, American and Canadian gear)

The Tube Bug (Boatanchors, some military equipment and homebrew)

Military Wireless in the Midlands (a virtual museum by G4BXD)

The R-390A/URR pages

The R-390 URR PSU mods'pages

The BC-611

Guntsi's Homepage

The Beyer Collection

Webmeynier.com (French, American ansd some Russian equipment)(French language site)

German WW II equipment from LA6NCA (with very good detailed pictures...)

LA5HE's pictures of German WW II radio equipment

German Military radio database (historical technique from Petr Kadlec)

Collection de Materiels Radio Militaires  (French only)

Gunnels LA6JJ Homepage ( see amateur radio > Radio Collection, lot of German equipment dating back to WW II)

Fernmeldegeršten (Fieldtelephones) not radioequipment but often connected to it..(German)

Agentenfunk ! (a website about spyradio's by DJ2EI; German and English language)

ON6EU Military Radio Museum 

Theo's Radio Room > see "Wehrmacht"

"Low power wireless sets" (Army Radio's of WW II)

German Communications Receivers

Military Radio (a lot of pics & docs', Japanese site, text in English)

Missoula County Auxiliary Communications Services> see radio's

Mirko Old Radio Collection > see military radio's

PA3HBY amateur & surplus radio


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The GRC-3 series : R-108/9/10---RT-66/67/68---PP-112---RT-70 & AM-65

The VRC-9 (RT-67 + PP-109 or PP-112 on mounting MT-299 GR) and the TM 11-286 describing this set.