A short bio

Born in Amsterdam in '57, I lived there till 1978. Now I'm still connected to this city because of my occupation : management of a school for children with Special Educational Needs. These kids , aged between 13-19 have certain emotional and/or learning disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia,  ADHD, PDDNOS a.s.o.). I do this kind of work since 25 years now, first as a teacher, now as the manager of this specialized department of a highschool (since we had a fusion...)

I'm married to a lovely hobby-supporting wife who still don't care about bringing home my green radio surplus stuff. I think I'm a lucky guy ! (you just don't want to know what's carried in till now.....). We have two cats who are the other loves of my life.

Dibbes Boris

Licensed since 1983 I'm an active radio amateur operating under the call sign PE1LDZ and member of the VERON department Waterland, A-56, or, in shorthand, Region 46 W.

Active on 2 metres VHF, F3E, from my mobile QTH abroad. This picture was made at the Chipping Norton caravanning & camping site (about 20 miles North of Oxford) in july 2001. Equipment : an AE 550 VHF rig with 25 Watts P.O. and a three quarter wave pole at the top of the car. Many thanks to all the OM's and (X-)YL's for the nice QSO's !

Pse visit the homepages of my RADIOCLUB PI4WLD (in Dutch only)

Other hobby's,interests and sport are (not in order of importance...) :

-History, specially the last two centuries and to be further more specific, military history

-Ships & planes (collecting books about this subject, visiting museums)

-Electronics in general (also homebrewing, I think every radio-amateur needs this skill, hi!)


-Rowing (a C-4)

-Cooking (Yes !)

-D-I-Y (like carpenting,plumbing a.s.o.)

-Reading (and collecting books)

-Theatre plays, musicals and cabaret

-Travelling & camping

I might have forgotten some items but as you can see I'm seldom bored............