The Great Dream

by “Just an other Christian



Here we are at the end of this age. Most of the leaders of Christendom are proclaiming that Christendom's best days are just ahead of us. In contrast, we have the testimony of Jesus Christ and all of His Apostles that the last days would be characterized by The Great and Final Apostasy of Christendom



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Contents of the Book “The Great Dream” . . . .


*      Chapter 1                  The diminishing ground of the absolute

*      Chapter 2                  The famous final scene

*      Chapter 3                  Where is the love?

*      Chapter 4                  The last trumpet

*      Chapter 5                  Two signs of the apostasy

*      Chapter 6                  Another Jesus

*      Chapter 7                  Jannes and Jambres in the pulpit

*      Chapter 8                  Many Antichrists

*      Chapter 9                  Basing in the poisoned light

*      Chapter 10                The Great Dream

*      Chapter 11                Jesus and your family

*      Chapter 12                The Jesus who didn’t

*      Chapter 13                The “Gospel” of resignation

*      Chapter 14                The God of all comfort

*      Chapter 15                The Master of the millions

*      Chapter 16                The Lie of Tithing

*      Chapter 17                The Pharisees + Sadducees are still in charge

*      Chapter 18                The Hirelings

*      Chapter 19                Hate it or Lose it

*      Chapter 20                Nebuchadnezzar’s Flutes





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