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For in hope you are saved, but hope that can be seen is no hope, because how can men hope for something that he has already seen?

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Hope A Sure Anchor

God's Promises
  God's Promises

God's Answers For Your Life



Every Day an other Bible Story
Daily Bible Stories

  The lord will give you rest
  When fear is overwhelming
  Freedom from Fear
  God answer my prayer ?

  The Ultimate healing!

  When You are hurting
  You have a Comforter
  When feeling depressed
  Don't waste your affliction
  Understanding temptation
  About Spiritual growth
  About Being tested
  God can fix anything


Teachings & Sermons

  ChristianLiving 2
  ChristianLiving 1

  The Happiness of Men

  Co÷perating with God
  Abuse of the Holy Spirit

  Discerning The Enemey 1
  Discerning The Enemey 2

  Leaning Into The Wind
  The 30 Life Priciples
  Freedom in Christ
  The Extra Ordinary gifts
  From start to a good finsh
  Hearing the voice of God
  Drinking the cup unworthy
  Punished and chastised
  How far will grace carry
  Seven blessings overlooked

  The Sovereignty of GOD
  For the love of money

  What is Satan doing
  Satan must ask permission

  Character of new Propfesy

  The lie of the Tithe
  Healing for Soul and Body?
  No more worry

  Child of the Charismatics
  Danger;5 fold ministry

  Covenant with God
  Putting on the Armor of God

Churches & Leadership

Bill Hybels;"we were wrong"

  Willowcreek was wrong

What is happening in churches
  Holy Laughter or delusion ?.
  Holy or Unholy Laughter ?.
  Y.W.A.M. Borderline Cult.
  Evangelicals Promote NewAge
  Alpha going Contemplative
  Purpose Driven Deception
  Purpose Driven Unscriptural

  A New Lie about the Cross
  Tithing truth or tradition
  Abusive Churches
  The way of Cain
  Evangelism and wonders

  Spirit led or Purpose driven
  The Purpose Drive Life
  TradeTruth for Social Gospel
  Deception in the Church
  All about Cults and Faiths
  About Faith Healing Today
  About Word-Faith Movement
  Books Word-Faith Movement
  Let Us Reason (our faith)

The Great DREAM and Apostasy"
  by An Other Christian

The Great dream and Apostacy

New Age Spirituality in Church
   by Jocelyn Andersen

New Age sprirituality in church

Online book "The New Gospel"
   by Warren Smith

Reinventing Jesus christ

"Strange Fire" in the Church
  by Lynn& Sarah Leslie

Strange Fire in the Church

Christian "Dominionism"
  by Sarah Leslie

Christian Dominionism

The NewAge Ark Of "Oneness"
  by Tamara Hartzell

The Ark of Oneness

In The name Of "Purpose"
  by Tamara Hartzell

In the name of Purpose

The endtime army"Joel's Army"
  by Jewel Grewe

The Ark of Oneness

War on the Saints
  By Jessie Penn-Lewis

War on the Saints

Year in view 2009
  From the Lighthouse

War on the Saints

Answers For Your Questions
  Tough questions/answers
  XL.Answers and Questions

    CBN 700 club

Christianity & Mysticism

  ISIS: "Queen of Heaven "

Contemplative   Christianity      
  Spiritual Formation
  Evangelical Contemplatives
  Contemplative Spirituality
  Contemplative Prayer
  Christian YOGA.......
  Topical Index Contemplatives
  Spiritual Direction without Christ
  False Christian Direction

Emergent Church Movement    
  Marketing of Catholicism
  The Way Back to Rome
  Christianity Defaced
  Indoctrination of Mysticism
  Another way to Rome

Romanism  and  Catholicism     
  The Teachings of Rome
  Understanding Rome's Mass
  Romanism and Alpha Course
  The errors of Rome
  Romanism and Christianity

Mormonism  and Christianity    
  Mormonism (Encyclopedia)
  Mormon Research
  Mormon; Cult or Christian ?
  Why we left
  A Mormon Odyssey

Avalanche of Alpha Deception   
  Danger of the alpha course
  Powers behind Alpha Course
  Alpha Course final or fatal
  The Gospel and Nicky Gumbel
  Alpha bible based or..inspired?
  Character of the Apha Jesus
  Aplha another road to Rome
  Open letter to Alpha leaders
  Public letter to Nicky Gumbel

  The New Age of Alpha

  Book about The Alpha Course
  Research Alpa Course Bayith

Noahide Law, New World Order 
  Noah's 7 Laws (Encyclopedia)
  Noahide Law-New World Order
  Christianity and Noahide Law
  Noahide Law Concision 1
  Noahide Law Concision 2
  Noahide News
  Heeding Bible prophesy

Marks Of The Beast 666 Today   
  Symbols and Symbolism
  Designer Marks
  Tatoo's and Brands
  Misc. Symbols & Emblems
  The six pointed star part 1
  The six pointed star part 2
  The six pointed star part 3
  The six pointed star part 4
  The New World Order


Info; Ministers, Ministries
  Deception in the church
  Lighthouse Trails research
  Biblical Discernment
  Apologetic Index
  Let Us Reason
  Website: ░!░ Watchman

Info; Influential Ministers,
  All about today's Ministers
  Rick Warren Connections
  K.Blanchard Buddism NewAge
  Bill Hybel Deepening Apostasy
  Robert Schuller's Self-Esteem
  Joel Osteen Gospel of Optimism
  Kenneth Copeland's Heresies


Helpfull Websites

Sound Teaching

  Charles Stanley"In Touch"
  E.W.Tozer sermons online
  Dr McGee Sermons online
  Evang; Leonard Ravenhill
  Rev. David Wilkerson

  Christian Doctrine
  Website: In Touch
  Website: David Wilkerson
  Reasoning from scripture
  Website: RBC Ministries
  R.B.C: Free topic booklets
  Free Christian courses
  God's Answers 2 U
  Dutch Ministry.Of.Hope


  EndTime Prophesy Resource

  Movie: One Life
  Movie: Wonders
  Movie: Creation

  The GOD of wonders
  In Your arms of love
  He will be...
  What heaven would be like

  About Christ
  Are You Saved?
  Are You a Good Person
  Be Ready....

  The Best Gift
  The Broken Door
  Forgiven Forever
  Four LAWS

  You Had Your Chance
  How to get to Hell
  Where To Spend Eternity

  There is HOPE
  I AM
  Is Your Future Certain
  Jesus Get Tough Sins Out

  Knowing GOD Personally
  The Question
  The Next Step
  You Are Special

   Free Christian Music
  Free Christian Mp3 downloads


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  Wilkerson Christian T1000


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