Knowing good from evil

Ministry of Hope
September 2010

Inspired through the book; “When the enemy strikes.”
By. Dr. Charles Stanley


*      Knowing who is in authority.  

*      Sorting out good and evil

*      The Bible teaches two things about evil

*      The nature of our enemy

*      Limitation of Satan’s power

*      Our limitations of power

*      The outcome of the battle

*      Learning to discern

*      Practical guidelines by which we can defeat Satan.


In the 24 years of Christianity in my life I have observed a variety of methods dealing with spiritual discomfort in the life of people.

Not all of these methods are based on biblical principles and some of them are right out wrong, causing people to be bound instead of being freed from their burdens.

 In modern popular Christianity we serve a God that has become one of us, a God who is good and does no wrong; all that is taken out of the context of the bible and has been looked at from a human point of view.

In reality we have created a God that handles according to human principles. Such a God is not the god of the Bible, but a humanist, which does not lead to freedom, but to bondage and deceit.

In this study I want to distinguish the attacks of the enemy from the testing’s God will allow to happen in our life, for good and not for evil.

If we fail to recognize the difference we will take the wrong action and that may lead us to desperation and frustration.

*      This study will contain quotes from Dr. Charles Stanley’s book “When the enemy strikes”

Knowing who is in authority.


When I was connected to the charismatic Word-Faith church in Brantford Canada, we were following the teachings of Kenneth Hagin; Hagin taught a lot about the believer’s authority, we remember what Jesus said in Matt 28:18-20

Matt 28:18 Jesus approached and, breaking the silence, said to them, All authority (all power of rule) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Matt 28:19 Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matt 28:20 Teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you all the days (perpetually, uniformly, and on every occasion), to the [very] close {and} consummation of the age. {Amen (so let it be).}

And what Jesus told His disciples in Matt 10:1 and Luke 10:1 and 17.

Matt 10:1 AND JESUS summoned to Him His twelve disciples and gave them power {and} authority over unclean spirits, to drive them out, and to cure all kinds of disease and all kinds of weakness {and} infirmity.

Luke 10:1 NOW AFTER this the Lord chose {and} appointed seventy others and sent them out ahead of Him, two by two, into every town and place where He Himself was about to come (visit).

Luke 10:17 The seventy returned with joy, saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name!

Based on these verses and based on the fact that Adam once had authority over the earth, but lost it to Satan when Adam sinned, that now Jesus has come to restore the authority back into the hands of the church, and therefore God will not do anything, except by the agreement of at least one human being on earth, God delegated His authority to men, and therefore the earth belongs to men, and God is looking from the outside into the world. Not so!!

Of course this is a serious assault on the sovereignty of God and is imbedded in lies.

Adam was given dominion over all the living creatures and had to subdue the earth, in service to God his creator and for Gods glory.

Gen 1:28 And God blessed them and said to them, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it [using all its vast resources in the service of God and man]; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves upon the earth.

But when Adam sinned he was separated from God and was under the influence of Satan, and so Satan was able to control humans through the flesh and they had no power to resist the enemy, because of sin and separation from God,

Rev 12:9 And the huge dragon was cast down {and} out--that age-old serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, he who is the seducer (deceiver) of all humanity the world over; he was forced out {and} down to the earth, and his angels were flung out along with him.

1 John 5:19 We know [positively] that we are of God, and the whole world [around us] is under the power of the evil one.

Satan never was given dominion, he subdued men and exercised it without the right, that right was given to men, by God and still is to this very day, Satan deceives the whole world, He got his power through deception and still exercises it through lying and deceiving, I can assure you that a righteous God will never give such a person legal authority. And is therefore an enemy of God, who in His wisdom has allowed Satan to have a certain degree of freedom until the measure of His wickedness has fulfilled the purpose of God for His creation. And then God send an angel, yes an angel is able to subdue Satan, God can do that anytime.

Rev 20:1 THEN I saw an angel descending from heaven; he was holding the key of the Abyss (the bottomless pit) and a great chain was in his hand. Rev 20:2 And he gripped {and} overpowered the dragon, that old serpent [of primeval times], who is the devil and Satan, and [securely] bound him for a thousand years.Rev 20:3 Then he hurled him into the Abyss (the bottomless pit) and closed it and sealed it above him, so that he should no longer lead astray {and} deceive {and} seduce the nations until the thousand years were at an end. After that he must be liberated for a short time.

God was still is in control, even now and always and in all eternity, He rules supreme with His awesome power and is in touch with all creation there is no hiding from His eyes, He knows everything from the Alpha to the Omega.

He is the One "who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance" (Is. 40:12).

He is the One with whom "the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance," with Whom "all nations before Him are as nothing and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity" (Is. 40:15,17).

He is One that "sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in; that bringeth the princes to nothing; He maketh the judges of the earth as vanity" (Is. 40:22,23).

The Sovereignty of God is absolute and irresistible: "All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay His hand, or say unto Him, What doest Thou?" (Dan. 4:35).

The Sovereignty of God is true not only hypothetically, but in fact. That is to say, God exercises His sovereignty, exercises it both in the natural realm, and in the spiritual. One is born black, another white. One is born in wealth, another in poverty. One is born with a healthy body, another sickly and crippled. One is cut off in childhood, another lives to old age. One is endowed with five talents, another with but one.

And in all these cases it is God the Creator who maketh one to differ from another, and "none can stay His hand." So also is it in the spiritual realm.

Deut 32:39 See now that I, I am He, and there is no god beside Me; I kill and I make alive, I wound and I heal, and there is none who can deliver out of My hand.

All authority (all power of rule) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. The words of the Lord Jesus, and make no mistake, thank God that He still has the power, imagine that men would have that awesome power of rule, we would be lost. But God chose the only one worthy to receive power and glory, and that is the Lamb of God.

 Rev 5:12 Saying in a loud voice, Deserving is the Lamb, Who was sacrificed, to receive all the power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and majesty (glory, splendor) and blessing!

So where does it leave the believer in Christ Jesus, how am I to be victorious and how do I fight my spiritual battles?

Sorting out good and evil


To find the right answer, we have to look at the Bible and sorting out good and evil.

We grow up being taught that we need to know what is good and what is evil, by the time we are adults and we are asked, if they have a difficult time to discern between good and evil, they often reply, “Yes, I do. There is a lot of ‘gray’ in the world today. We can look at certain situations and recognize an aspect of evil, for example, a wasting, painful disease; suffering of all kinds; world hunger; abject poverty; intense persecution of good people, a deep agony of a loss of a child. We may not be able to pin point the exact nature or cause of the evil, but we sense that things have an element of darkness in it.

We often conclude that people are good but their behaviors are bad, we love and hold out hope for the sinner, but the sin is bad.

All that may be true, but what do you do when evil strikes you?

What do you say and how do you respond when you are the victim of spousal abuse, the object of a terrorist action, or badly injured by a drunk driver

Recognizing evil, dealing with it, seeking to pursue good and avoid evil, acknowledging evil in ourselves and turning it to good, these are the core of our human existence. If we could truly be objective about our lives, we are busy on any given day to do the things that label as being good and right, and avoiding situations, relationships, encounters, and circumstances that we label as bad and wrong.

How do we keep the balance, this question is at the heart of this study and the answer is rooted in God’s Word.

The Bible teaches two things about evil


1)      We have a powerful enemy and he has a name.

Good has a name and His name is God, Evil has a name and his name is Satan or Devil. The Devil is a spiritual being the supreme personification of evil. He seeks to rule from the realm of the unseen – the spiritual dimension.

Satan may use what your mother in law says, or a coworker who comes against you, He may use terrorist, criminals, and other people to cause you harm or strike fear into your heart. However the person through which the enemy strikes is not your enemy. The real enemy is Satan who prompted the person to speak hatred to you, steal from you, do his utmost to destroy you or physically injure you.

Behind every evil person, or evil act, lurks the real enemy of your life. He is 100% evil, and he has a plan to destroy your life

Satan is your enemy!!

2)    You are in a spiritual battle.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be in a spiritual battle or not, you are in one! The battle is between good and evil, and you are the prize.

God desires to have a relationship with you, bless you, and live with you forever. Satan desires to to keep you from all that God wants for you. Satan is the enemy of all people, wether they follow Jesus or not. He is you enemy!

You are the target of the devil, he wil do his utmost to keep you from the truth, that Jesus is your Savior, and through you can receive forgiveness of sins, and the gift of eternal life. Satan will attempt to entrap you in any way he can to keep you from God.

His target is your eternal soul

You may say, yes but I have committed my life to Jesus as my Savior and Lord, therefore I already belong to God and the devil has can’t have my spirit. You are correct to say that, but he can do other things to you. Satan can and will attempt to drag you down into such a deep bondage that you lose your joy of living.

It may be called oppression, depression or addiction, if the devil can pull you into bondage, you will have no peace, no rest, no zest for living, and even no will to keep on living. He will continue to try to destroy the abundant life God has for you, and your witness for Christ..

So how are we to deal with the devil, and resist spiritual attacks?

The first rule of any battle is knowing your enemy, if you don’t know your enemy how can fight him? How will you be victorious against an enemy you can’t or haven’t identified?

We must know the nature of our enemy and understand who he is and how he works..

The nature of our enemy


The obvious assaults of the enemy on our lives, maybe a blow in our bodies, in our finances, or in our relationships, but these are not his ultimate goals. The ultimate assaults are aimed at the soul, the mind, and the emotions and will.

Ø  It is with the will that we choose to accept Jesus as our Savior and to follow Him.

Ø  It is in our emotions that we do the best we can for the Lord on earth, and in our emotions we give up and give in to life’s troubles.

Ø  It is in our minds that we develop the attitudes and beliefs that give rise to all we do and say. 

The devil desires first and foremost your spirit. But if he cannot have your spirit, he will go after your soul. Very often he will inflict pain and hardship on your physical body or your external finances, possessions and relationships in order to strike at your soul.

Ø  Satan is real

Ø  He never gives up on his pursuit of us

Ø  Satanic forces have a plan of attack

First we must recognize that Satan has an army of evil spirits or evil helpers, called demons, all committed to evil, Satan uses these minions to do his will to attempt to thwart God and His eternal purposes.

The devil is real and we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood

Eph 6:12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.

The Devil is invisible; he hides in every possible way.
He doesn’t look like a terrible monster or dark cloud to make you angry. He does what he can to disguise himself invisible so he wont be blames or fought as an enemy. If he can he will whisper that God is to blame. He’ll manipulate circumstances and situations against you.  People to abuse you misuse you and confuse you.

The Devil is organized
We are up to a vast host of evil and are in a battle against principalities and powers Eph 6:12

The Devil is a murderer, a liar and a thief, Jesus spoke these words;

John 8:44 You are of your father, the devil, and it is your will to practice the lusts {and} gratify the desires [which are characteristic] of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a falsehood, he speaks what is natural to him, for he is a liar [himself] and the father of lies {and} of all that is false.

John 10:10 The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have {and} enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

The Devil is crafty and scheming
The apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians;

“2 Cor 11:3 But [now] I am fearful, lest that even as the serpent beguiled Eve by his cunning, so your minds may be corrupted {and} seduced from wholehearted {and} sincere {and} pure devotion to Christ.

To be deceived is to believe a lie, he will try to make us believe that what is right is wrong and wrong is right, he has no capacity to tell the whole truth about anything.

The Devil is corrupted.
The word means to be lead astray subtly, but nonetheless brought off course from pure devotion to Christ Jesus. The who is corrupted or seduced by a temptation, follows the passions and desires of his own self rather than the will and commands of God. He acts in a way that subtle and seductive to draw us step by step away from God and towards the fulfillment of human fleshly desires and needs.

The Devil is 100 percent evil
He can bring good things into our lives as temptations to ensnare us, He can use something positive as a trick to hide his true intention of producing something negative. That’s the purpose behind every temptation. For example, my doesn’t that drink look good, the warm feeling people have when they drink, doesn’t the color look good and look at the ice. You’ll like it!

The devil doesn’t care about how much good you experience as long as you become wrapped up in that good feeling or good time, that you fail to see that your life or church or ministry is about to go over the cliff.

The devil can set up a series of good things to lead you down the path he desires for you to walk, a path that is away from God towards self.

Good things can blind us to the real intent of the devil, we must never lose sight of the truth, that the devil is 100 percent evil, and he is out for our complete destruction and he has no capacity to give us a blessing that has eternal benefit associated with it.

The Devil never gives up his pursuit of us.
You never fully eliminate the devil’s temptation from your life, no matter how mature you may become spiritually, he still has access to you.

Especially when you are a born again Christian, he always is stalking his prey, always seeking to strike fear and paralyzing a victim with a loud roar.

1 Pet 5:8 Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant {and} cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon {and} devour. 1 Pet 5:9 Withstand him; be firm in faith [against his onset--rooted, established, strong, immovable, and determined], knowing that the same (identical) sufferings are appointed to your brotherhood (the whole body of Christians) throughout the world.

No Immunity from enemy attacks.
There will never be a point in your life where you cease to be attacked by the enemy.
Satan was always present, seeking any way he could to undermine what Jesus said or thwart what Jesus did. His ultimate goal was to entice Jesus to say no to the cross. But thank God that He has all the wisdom to overcome the enemy time after time, Satan thought that he had succeeded in ending the life and ministry of Jesus at the cross, only to know with shattering certainty that his fate was fully sealed, the instant that Jesus rose from the grave. Satan knows that there is nothing he can do to remove the Holy Spirit from your life, once you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, you were sealed by the Holy Spirit and born into the family of God becoming God’s child for ever.

Rom 8:35 who shall ever separate us from Christ's love? Shall suffering {and} affliction {and} tribulation? Or calamity {and} distress? Or persecution or hunger or destitution or peril or sword?

Rom 8:38 For I am persuaded beyond doubt (am sure) that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things impending {and} threatening nor things to come, nor powers,
Rom 8:39 Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Devil has a plan of attack.
The devil has a willful plan against your life. He has a goal: to destroy your body, mind, or spirit, or all three. His purpose is to keep God’s purposes from you, deny God the glory He might receive from your life, and he seeks to replace God in your life. His attacks will be on your possessions, your career, family, reputation in the community . He has attacked every believer that ever lived, so you are no exception.

What is a satanic attack?
Here is a definition:

A satanic attack is a deliberate, willful, intentional, and well designed act intending to bring harm to a person in any way physical, mental, economic, relational, or spiritual.

What are the objectives of such an attack?
Here are the four objectives:

1.    Satan seeks to draw us away from God, (is always his ultimate goal)

2.    Satan seeks to thwart us in God’s purpose and plan for our lives, (out of the will of God).

3.    Satan seeks to deny God the glory, honor, and praise due to Him. (As we live godly lives of faith and trust in him).

4.    Satan seeks to destroy us, literally and eternally.



Limitation of Satan’s power

Just as important as knowing your enemy, it is also important to know what Satan can and cannot do in our lives. See also Satan on a lease

1.    Satan cannot reverse our salvation.

2.    He cannot separate from the love of God.

3.    He cannot snatch us out of God’s eternal hands.

4.    He cannot place us in a position beyond Gods reach to care for us.

5.    He cannot keep us from Gods care, protection, deliverance and provision.

6.    He cannot keep us from any blessing that God desires for us to have.

7.    He cannot negate or overcome the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

8.    Satan needs permission, Luke 22:31-32 and also read Job 1:7-12 and Job 2:3-7.



Our limitations of power,
for defeating the enemy.

We cannot defeat the devil in our own strength

Here is an important doctrine to the believer, while the charismatic believer has been taught that he himself is responsible for subduing the earth and retakes the earth from the dominion of Satan. They believe that God has transferred His authority to men, Jesus who received all power and dominion, then He turned around and delegated His authority to men. This is a gross error, while Jesus the head of the church is in complete control and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He, Jesus still holds that position and grants only those things that are according to the will and purpose of God

1 John 5:14 And this is the confidence (the assurance, the privilege of boldness) which we have in Him: [we are sure] that if we ask anything (make any request) according to His will (in agreement with His own plan), He listens to {and} hears us.  

Now in order to take our proper place and have a victorious life over the enemy we must recognize our position and the position of the devil and the awesome position of God, so we will understand how we must resist the whiles of the devil.

We cannot defeat the devil by human intellect, cleverness, or force of personality. Defeating the devil is the work of Jesus Christ alone, and that work has been accomplished on the cross.

The scriptures never tell us to go out and take on the devil, to seek out and pick a fight with him. The truth of God’s Word is that the war has already been won!

But God’s Word urges us to resist the devil. We are to stand firm and withstand firm his clever tricks that are aimed to entice us and get us off balance, interrupt our stride, and move us to partake of things and experience that are contrary to God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

God’s Word tells us to live in God’s loving arms, not in Satan’s grip. We must place our focus on the living Christ and experience HIS power in us.

We are never to become so consumed with fighting the devil or engaging in spiritual warfare that we lose sight of the fact that we belong to God Almighty, He is our Source, He is our Victor, He is our Ally at all times, He is our strength and Supply, and He is our Protector and Deliverer.

Our stance must always be, “I cannot defeat the devil. But I can resist him and trust Jesus Christ to defeat him”. We must declares the apostle Paul declared. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13.

The wonderful message of the New Testament is this: “Christ in me and I in Christ.”We must never lose sight of that glorious empowering truth. Our enemy is strong. But he pales in comparison to the awesome power and majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ. So remember;

James 4:7 So be subject to God. Resist the devil [stand firm against him], and he will flee from you.



The outcome of the battle

The Bible tells us that we have to fight the good fight of faith;

1 Tim 6:12 Fight the good fight of the faith; lay hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned and [for which] you confessed the good confession [of faith] before many witnesses.

What makes it a good fight? – We are on the winning side.

In any conflict with the enemy of our souls we must remember at all times – the devil is a defeated foe; Jesus is the Victor.

I heard a lady say this afternoon, “but I’d rather not fight, I’d rather avoid conflict.” We should miss every fight we possibly can. At the same time we must recognize that we cannot sidestep some issues. Some difficulties and situations are cast upon us without any cause, desire or provocation on our part.

God is in control

In situations like that we have to ask ourselves always the central question. “Who is on control?” If you perceive that you are in control of your life and any particular situation, you are in trouble. Why? Because you can’t possibly control everything in life or have the wisdom to know what to do in every situation for all people involved.

If you understand that God is in control of all things and that life is unfolding according to His master plan and purpose, then you have to look at what happens in your life and conclude, “God knows all about this. He allowed this to happen. God is in control of all outcomes. He has a way through this difficulty and a good result at the end of this dark tunnel. God is at work, fashioning all things for His glory. He is going to work all things for my eternal benefit.”

God is in control at all times and in all situations, He is in control of all the events in my personal life at all times and in all situations. God is in control of all the major events of the world at all times and in all situations.

His plans and purposes are unfolding in His timing, according to His methods, and always in a way that will defeat the devil, produce eternal benefit for His children, and bring Him glory.


Learning to discern

A sad thing is when a person encounters a major problem in his life to say, Ï never saw it coming, this may be a husband who has another woman, or children that are on drugs, or a major disease, or an great financial loss, it hits us on the spot, and overwhelmed we state,” I never saw it coming.” 

The Bible tells us to live each day fully, not in the past and not in the future, but today. But God never intends us to walk blindly day by day. He expects us to discern what He is doing and what He desires. He intends for us to be able to see beneath the surface of life and expose and analyze the unseen reality.

Discernment for the believer is seeing and understanding as God sees and understands; It is the ability to make godly judgments and right appraisals; it is the ability to judge a situation accurately and to see the full reality of a situation; relationships, experience, or circumstance, to see the truth of things as they are from God’s point of view; We are to know what is right and wrong, good and bad, effective and ineffective, true and false;

We are admonished in the Bible to discern the spirits to see whether they proceed from God, 1 John 4:1 BELOVED, DO not put faith in every spirit, but prove (test) the spirits to discover whether they proceed from God; for many false prophets have gone forth into the world.

I want spend a couple of lines on this warning in 1 john 1:1-4 The bible tells us here: 

John 4:2 By this you may know (perceive and recognize) the Spirit of God: every spirit which acknowledges {and} confesses [the fact] that Jesus Christ (the Messiah) [actually] has become man {and} has come in the flesh is of God [has God for its source];

1 John 4:3 And every spirit which does not acknowledge {and} confess {that} Jesus {Christ has come in the flesh} [but would annul, destroy, sever, disunite Him] is not of God [does not proceed from Him]. This [nonconfession] is the [spirit] of the antichrist, [of] which you heard that it was coming, and now it is already in the world.

Now all we to do is listen to any teachers and say “I believe Jesus came in the flesh, we are safe to accept this teacher as being from God. Right? Wrong?

The Word-Faith movement-teachers teach another doctrine concerning salvation, these teachers are “Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Hagin, Fred Price, Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Marylyn Hicky, Kenneth Copeland, and many more; Kenneth Copeland, even states constantly “Jesus is Lord”, and uses that banner every he teaches and preaches.

In short however they deny the death on the Cross, when they say that the death of Jesus on the cross was not enough;


-  Copeland teaches, as do all the Word-Faith teachers, that "Jesus Died Spiritually" (JDS). What makes the Word-Faith teachers' version of JDS, heresy (if not blasphemy), is their teaching that our redemption comes not from Christ's death upon the cross, but from His being tortured by Satan in hell for three days and nights! Copeland has, thus, embraced a heresy known as the "Ransom theory of the atonement." It is the view that Christ's death was a ransom paid to Satan to settle the legal claim the devil had on the human race because of Adam's sin. But that view contradicts the clear Biblical teaching that Christ's death was a sacrifice offered to God, not to Satan (Eph. 5:2) (Charismatic Chaos, p. 278). Copeland, for example, says:

"He allowed the devil to drag Him into the depths of hell as if He were the most wicked sinner who ever lived ... Every demon in hell came down on Him to annihilate Him ... [They] tortured Him beyond anything that anybody has ever conceived ... In a thunder of spiritual force, the voice of God spoke to the death-whipped, broken, punished spirit of Jesus ... [in] the pit of destruction, and charged the spirit of Jesus with resurrection power! Suddenly His twisted, death-wracked spirit began to fill out and come back to life ... He was literally being reborn before the devil's very eyes. He began to flex His spiritual muscles ... Jesus Christ dragged Satan up and down the halls of hell ... Jesus ... was raised up a born-again man ... The day I realized that a born-again man had defeated Satan, hell, and death, I got so excited ... !" ("The Price of it All," Believer’s Voice of Victory, September 1991, p. 4).

It is both fanciful nonsense and heretical to teach that our redemption comes through Satan torturing Jesus in hell. That would make Satan our co-redeemer. If he didn't torture Jesus enough, we wouldn't be saved -- and if he did, do we thank Satan? Incredible! Moreover, Satan isn't even the proprietor of hell. He hasn't even been there yet. Nor will Satan torture the damned but will himself be tortured with "everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41) when death and hell have been "cast into the lake of fire" (Rev. 20:14).

Before He died, Jesus cried in triumph, "It is finished" (Jn. 19:30), indicating that our redemption has been accomplished on the Cross. Christ told the thief on the cross who believed in Him, "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise" (Lk. 23:43), not in hell! He said, "Father, into thy
hands I commend my spirit" (Lk. 23:46). Yet Hagin, Copeland, et al., say He ended up, instead, in the hands of Satan in the depths of hell! What blasphemy! (5/93, Berean Call).

John MacArthur has written the following in the magazine charismatic chaos


 John MacArthur, Charismatic Chaos, p. 290

There are many perculiar ideas and practices in the Faith theology, but what merits it the label of heresy are the following: 1) its deistic view of God, who must dance to men's attempts to manipulate the spiritual laws of the universe; 2) its demonic view of Christ, who was filled with "the Satanic nature" and must be "born again in hell; 3) its gnostic view of revelation, which demands denial of the physical senses and classifies Christians by their willingness to do so; and 4) its metaphysical view of salvation, which deifies man and spiritualizes the atonement, locating it in hell rather than on the cross, thereby subverting the crucial biblical belief that it is Christ's physical death and shed blood, which alone atone for sin. All four of these heresies may be accounted for by Kenyon's syncretism of methaphysical thought with traditional biblical doctrine"



I have read the book of D.R McConnell, who used to be a professor at the University of the Oral Roberts University, He unfolds the mystery behind this false Word – Faith movement, and researches their theology in light of the Bible, I would recommend you to read this book and have it for times to come. D.R. McConnell’s book, A Different Gospel

The Word-Faith movement does not deny Jesus in the flesh, or dying on the cross, or being raised from the dead however they deny the atonement according to bible that Jesus once and always  took the sins in His own body, in order to pay the price for our sins

1 Pet 2:24 He personally bore our sins in His [own] body on the tree [as on an altar and offered Himself on it], that we might die (cease to exist) to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.

The Bible states clearly that He died once for the sins of all

1 Pet 3:18 For Christ [the Messiah Himself] died for sins once for all, the Righteous for the unrighteous (the Just for the unjust, the Innocent for the guilty), that He might bring us to God. In His human body He was put to death, but He was made alive in the spirit,

In order to understand the deception, They don’t deny the cross or redemption or resurrection, as they say, in reality they do, and give another non-biblical meaning to salvation, and in so doing they reject Christ’s atonement according to the Bible, according to the Word-Faith movement Christ death on the Cross was not enough, to save mankind, and to atone the world, denying the flesh of Jesus Christ as the redemptory.

 Learning to discern is of prime importance, from all the gifts listed in 1 Cor. 12:10 it may well be that for our day, the gift of discerning, the ability to discern {and} distinguish between [the utterances of true] spirits [and false ones], is a very important gift, and may prevent the enemy for having a foothold in our lives and churches.


In Conclusion

Practical guidelines, by which we can defeat Satan.

On the basis of the salvation God has provided for us, the Scriptures lay out practical guidelines by which we can defeat Satan.

Have Confidence in God. The first decision we must make to be freed from Satan's power is to choose to trust God. We must acknowledge our helplessness, sinfulness, and lost condition. Then we must accept the free gift of salvation He has offered us in Christ and stand before God clothed in His Son's righteousness (Phil. 3:1-9; Titus 3:5).

Submit to God and Resist Satan. Although Christ has given us authority over Satan (1 John 4:4), we can exercise it only as we submit ourselves to God and resist the enemy (Eph. 6:11; James 4:7; 1 Pet. 5:8,9).

Be Aware of Satan's Strategies. Satan can take advantage of us if we are "ignorant of his devices" (2 Cor. 2:11). For example, by harboring anger, we "give place to the devil" (Eph. 4:27); by depriving our marriage partner of sexual intimacy, we give Satan an opportunity to tempt us (1 Cor. 7:5); by placing an unqualified man in a position of leadership in the church, we take the chance of making him vulnerable to pride and to "fall into the same condemnation as the devil" and "the snare of the devil" (1 Tim. 3:6,7).

Put on the Armor of God. Using the metaphor of a well-equipped Roman soldier, Paul told how we can be prepared for spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:11-18).

Ø  The belt of truth. Since Satan depends on deceit to maintain his power, our first line of defense is always to be truthful. We must never distort or misrepresent the truth, regardless of any advantage we might gain by doing so.

Ø  The breastplate of righteousness. Any sin in our life leaves us open to Satan's attack. Even though we are given the righteousness of Christ (2 Cor. 5:21), we must still continually put on the protection of holy living.

Ø  The shoes of the gospel of peace. With our feet firmly planted on the truth that we are at peace with God and that He is on our side, we can stand firmly against Satan's attacks.

Ø  The shield of faith. In order to quench the "fiery darts" of Satan's temptations, we must trust and believe what God has said about every area of our life.

Ø  The helmet of salvation. This is the confidence that there is coming in the future a great victory celebration. It's also referred to as the "hope of salvation" (1 Thess. 5:8). This helmet protects us against Satan's two-edged sword of discouragement and doubt.

Ø  The sword of the Spirit. Since the Word of God is the basis of our faith, we need to learn how to wield it with authority. Scripture is our best offensive weapon against the devil (Matt. 4:1-11).

After he described the various elements of the armor, Paul said that we are to be in constant prayer. Prayer expresses our dependence on God. We can fight against Satan only "in the [strength of the] Lord and in the power of His might" (Eph. 6:10). In the power of Christ with the armor of the Spirit we will be victors.

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