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gone allready

'Solis sacerdotibus':
adapted from the poem Solis sacredotibus by Rudoplh Maria Korsten, Beek en Donk NL 1997
'In paradisum':
courtesy of Yvon and Ger Hurkens-Janssen, Mook NL
courtesy of Goossens Collection, Gennep NL
courtesy of Bonnie and Els Willems-van Stokkum, Doornenburg NL
'Der Wanderer (und sein Schatten)'
courtesy of Uta and Ton Bertns-Meier, Nijmegen NL
'Little house I used to live in':
revering reference to the piece by Francis Vincent Zappa, Los Angeles USA
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Healing and celebrating:
guided by Chester C. Washington, album Special Dreams, Zürich AU 1998

Communications advisor:
Rudolph Korsten, Amsterdam NL

Background sound vibe:
The Reeper returns from the forthcoming album Evidence by The Suntapes

Special thanks to:
Elze van den Berg

Lise Beijke van den Berg

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