4th july 2004

The long awaited public release of
Arachne V1.75;GPL

I have Zipped the EXE into a175gplf.zip
('full version' with all add-ons enabled)
Download this file and then unzip the contained SFX file itself.
(ZIP file contains.... a175gplf.exe)
What has changed.... changes.txt
List of changed files between v1.73;GPL and v1.75;GPL.... filelist.txt

New users may wish to get a175gpll.zip instead.
(most of the add-on features are commented out
but can be easily re-enabled as you become more experienced)

Source codes...

SRC code for Insight.exe insight.zip
(ZIP file also contains precompiled INSIGHT.EXE v3.85.4)
SRC code for wwwman.exe w3man175.zip
(ZIP file also contains precompiled WWWMAN.EXE)

SRC code for the Xlopif graphics library which Arachne uses. lopif.zip

SRC code for APM.EXE and UNARJ.EXE (used by apm) apm.zip

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