Welcome to Arachne !
Arachne is the graphical WWW browser for DOS, which means that:

  • it can view hypertext documents with inlined images (HTML language)
  • it can browse World Wide Web (HTTP protocol over TCP/IP connections)
  • it doesn't require any Windows, OS/2 or Linux (Unix) to run on your PC

    But that's not the end ! Arachne can also:

  • send and recieve Internet e-mails (MIME compatible)
  • No intake of virus or other malignant animals by e-mail
  • edit source code of local HTML pages
  • perform FTP downloads and uploads
  • call any DOS application as plug-in

    Not bad for a browser that fits on a single floppy!

    There is a mailing list available for help and assistence for users of Arachne at... arachne@freelists.org
    Technical topics, help and how-to? and development of Arachne are the main topics on this list.
    To subscribe: send an e-mail to: arachne@freelists.org with subscribe in the subject line.
    This mailing list is archived.
    The archive is at: http://www.freelists.org/archives/arachne/

    Proposed Modifications to Arachne (2DoList) http://www.johncsparks.plus.com/arachne.htm

    Arachne v1.90;GPL

    The self extracting .EXE has been zipped into a190j1.zip.
    (most of the add-on features are commented out
    but can be easily re-enabled as you become more experienced)
    Download this file and then unzip the contained SFX file itself.
    (all code changes by Joe da Silva)
    (ZIP file contains.... a190j1.exe)
    What has changed.... changes.txt
    List of changed files between v1.90;JG and v1.90;J1.... chngdfls.txt

    Arachne news client by Werner Scholz aranews.apm.
    Werner Scholz also created the Arachne CHAT (IRC) addon APM.
    For reasons of securecy these apm's are NOT available on this site but from:

    Full screen Video Films Without expensive computers
    No Windows required!

    DOS Multimedia Viewer including DivX, AVI, MPEG, MOV and MP3
    For more information visit the QV main page.

    SRC code for Core.exe 190j1src.zip
    (all code changes by Joe da Silva)

    List of files contained in the ZIP 190j1src.txt

    SRC code for Insight.exe insight.zip
    (ZIP file also contains precompiled INSIGHT.EXE v4.7;ML)

    SRC code for wwwman.exe w3man191.zip
    (all code changes by Joe da Silva)
    (ZIP file also contains precompiled WWWMAN.EXE v1.91)

    SRC code for the Xlopif graphics library which Arachne uses. lopif.zip

    Oct 17, 2004: Joe da Silva & Michal H. Tyc updates to the Xlopif SRCs
    (both 086 & 386 pre-built LIBs included in ZIP file) lf041017.zip

    Sep 10, 2006: Udo Kuhnt fixed some of the ASM files in the Xlopif SRC
    to accommodate the strict syntax checking in TASM 4.1 asmfix.zip

    Sep 12, 2006: also from Udo Kuhnt ..... LOPIF fix for linker errors
    when compiling for DPMI16 asmfix2.zip

    SRC code for APM.EXE and UNARJ.EXE (used by apm) apm25.zip
    (updated to v2.5 on Aug 31, 2006 -- all code changes by Joe da Silva)

    Arachne miscellaneous... click here for directory

    Arachne Museum
    Arachne 1.73
    Arachne 1.75
    Arachne 1.77

    This page updated: August 15, 2007