November 22 2004

Very useful

GIFIKN.ZIP is a utility to convert .gif images to the Arachne .IKN format.

View.exe is a very useful, shareware DOS program
for all of these file formats.
WORD files .DOC (word 1 to word2000), RTF, WRI, TXT,

View works quite well with Arachne.
You may download v1.72 right

Roberto Perotti, IW2EVK, made various plug-ins for Arachne.
With these plug-ins DOS programs can be used with Arachne.
The Arachne plug-ins are called APM's.

VIEW.APMA plug-in to use view.exe with Arachne
Did you know? With view.exe word and various other text files can be converted to .txt formats usable in word processors.
DIRTEL.APM Another new APM: dirtel.apm to make database address lists. You can view and edit the database in Arachne.
PICTVIEW.APMView, print and convert images from one format into another
PDFHTM.APMView PDF with Arachne, text only.
Based on Bernie Ericksson's XPDF version 2.0
NEOGRAB.APMMake a screenshot in .pcx 640x480 pixels
FTPWIZ.APMFTP agent. An upgrading for Arachne FTP programs

Also made by Roberto...
A179CORE.ZIP Just give it a try and send your comments to
Arachne on the fly diskette
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