PIC18F2620 bootloader
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A bootloader is a small resident program inside a device that makes it possible to re-program that device without the use of expensive programming tools. In example making it possible to re-program the device over a serial port, using a small PC application. The one and only tool making this possible is "Tiny bootloader" from Claudiu Chiculita (visit his website at http://www.etc.ugal.ro/cchiculita/software/picbootloader.htm)

The PC application also holds a tiny terminal window so you can see the output of the connected application directly after programming. This elliminates the use of an additional terminal and the switching between bootloader and terminal during development of the firmware. The author of the pic Tiny bootloader has agreed to the use of his bootloader within the 1541-III project for which I’m thankful.

For the 1541-III project there is a slightly modified version of the 18F2620 bootloader in order to make it more ‘foolproof’ and ‘userfriendly’, this because the 1541-III features a jumper to enable disable the bootloader. This all to prevent the loss of the firmware due to incorrect use which otherwise would most likely happen at the worst possible moment(s)...

Attention : the bootloader below is specifically for the 1541-III and for the 18F2620 only !!!
For other PIC-types and original sources of the bootloader see the Tiny bootloader website as stated above.


For the code related to the 1541-III project and the required PC application <click here to go to the download location>