Minimig scart cable
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The minimig is project designed by Dennis van Weeren. The minimig has a VGA connector that make it possible to connect to a VGA monitor, but it is also possible to connect to a standard television. Since the minimig can select between 31KHz and 15KHz modes. The only thing that the television must have is a scart connector that can receive the RGB signals, although most TV's witch a scart connector have RGB inputs inside the scart conector (some cheap or old TV's don't). For those who want to connect their minimig to their TV's scart connector here is the cable that you would need, see the schematics below. And oh... do not forget to set the minimig into the 15KHz mode using the jumper on the minimig.


Minimig SCART cable schematic (PDF) <click here to go to the download section>