Artist Title Price
Allisons Are you sure 5,=
Anka Paul Love me warm and tender 5,=
Ann Margret/Carol Lynley(on frontcover) (from "The Pleasure Seekers")The pleasure seekers 5,=
Applejacks Tell me when 5,=
Avons Rubber ball 5,=
Avons/Lana Sisters/Paul Evans Seven little girls 4,=
Bachelors Love me with all of your heart 2,=
Bachelors Diane 3,=
Beatles Help 10,=
Beatles She loves you(condition -/-) 9,=
Beatles Lady Madonna 9,=
Beatles Something 5,=
Beegees Words 6,=
Beverley Sisters Cross over the bridge 2,=
Beverley Sisters Itís illegal itís immoral or it makes you fat 2,=
Beverley Sisters Iíve started courtiní 4,=
Black Cilla You're my world 4,=
Black Cilla Anyone who had a heart 4,=
Black Jeanne Heíll have to stay 3,=
Boone Pat Speedy Gonzales 4,=
Boone Pat If dreams come true 4,=
Boone Pat Meditation 2,=
Boone Pat Remember you're mine 2,=
Boone Pat Johnny will 3,=
Boone Pat April love 3,=
Brando Marlon(on frontcover) (Filmmusic from)Ballad of one eyed Jacks 5,=
Brando Marlon(on frontcover) (from "Sayonara") Sayonara 5,=
Brewer Teresa Pickle up a Doodle(Belgium issue) 3,=
Brook Brothers Ain't gonna wash for a week 5,=
Brook Brothers War paint 5,=
Brown Joe A picture of you 5,=
Bruce Tommy The London boys 4,=
Bryan Dora All I want for Xmas is a beatle 10,=
Caravelles You donít have to be a baby to cry 4,=
Carroll Ronnie If only tomorrow 3,=
Carroll Ronnie Roses are red 3,=
Checker Chubby Let's twist again 5,=
Clark Dave 5 Glad all over 5,=
Clark Petula Ya ya 4,=
Clark Petula Romeo 5,=
Clark Petula Valentino 5,=
Clark Petula With your love 4,=
Clark Petula Romeo 4,=
Coasters(Ray Ellington/Bernard Breslaw) Charlie Brown 5,=
Cole Nat King Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer 3,=
Cooper Gary(on frontcover) (from "Return to Paradise")Return to Paradise 5,=
Cornell Don Hold my hand 2,=
Cornell Lyn Never on Sunday 3,=
Countrymen Swamp legend 4,50
Taylor Elizabeth/Powel Jane + more We gotta get goin'(from "A date with Judy) 4,=
Sands Tommy+Fabian + more You're only young once"(from "Love in a Goldfish Bowl).
Dale Alan I cry tomorrow 4,=
Darin Bobby Lazy river 4,=
Darin Bobby Things 4,=
Darin Bobby Down with love 4,=
Darin Bobby/Don Lang Queen of the hop 8,=
Davis Sammy Song and dance man 2,50
Denis Johnny and his Ranchers Sunflower 4,=
Denver Carl Trio Mexicali rose 4,=
Donegan Lonnie Michael row the boat 3,=
Douglas Craig Oh lonesome me 4,=
Douglas Craig Time 3,=
Douglas Craig Pretty blue eyes 3,=
Dyke Leroy van Walk on by 5,=
Egan Richard/Dorothy McGuire/Sandra Dee/ Troy Donahue(on frontcover) (from "Theme from a Summer Place") Theme from a Summer Place 4,=
Evans Maureen Like I do 4,=
Faith Adam The time has come 4,=
Faith Adam Someone else's baby 5,=
Faith Adam Poor me 5,=
Faith Adam Lonely pup 5,=
Ford Clinton Run to the door 4,=
Ford Emile and the Checkmates Counting teardrops 4,=
Ford Emile and the Checkmates What do you want to make those eyes... 5,=
Ford Emile and the Checkmates On a slow boat to China 4,=
Ford Tennessee Ernie Sixteen tons 4,=
Francis Connie Lipstick on you collar 7,=
Francis Connie Everybody's somebody's fool 9,=
Francis Connie My happiness 7,=
Freddie and the Dreamers If you gotta make a fool 5,=
Gibson Lorne Red roses for a blue lady 4,=
Hedgehoppers Anonymous Itís good news week 6,=
Herman's Hermits I'm into something good 5,=
Herman's Hermits Sunshine girl 4,50
Hill Benny Harvest of love 4,=
Hill Vince Heartaches 3,=
Hilton Ronnie Hey look me over 3,=
Holliday Michael + 4 Story of my life 4,=
Humperdinck Engelbert Release me 3,=
Hyland Brian Ginny come lately 5,=
Ifield Frank Nobody's darling but mine 3,=
Ifield Frank Love sick blues 4,=
Ivy League Tossing and turning 6,=
Jones Tom Itís not unusual 5,=
Jones Tom Green green grass of home 4,=
Jones Tom Delilah 4,=
Justice Jimmy Ain't that funny 4,=
Kane Eden Well I ask ya 5,=
Keller Jerry Here comes summer 6,=
Kestrels Walk right in 6,=
Kirby Kathy Let me go lover 4,=
Kirby Kathy Secret love 5,=
Kirby Kathy Spanish flea 5,=
Kirby Kathy Dance on 5,=
Kramer Billy J. Little children 7,=
Kramer Billy J. Bad to me 8,=
Laine Frankie Answer me 2,50
Laine Frankie There must be a reason 2,50
Laine Frankie Your heart my heart 2,50
Laine Frankie Cool water 3,=
Lawrence Steve Go away little girl 3,=
Loren Sophia(on frontcover) (from "Boy on a dolphin")Boy on a dolphin 4,=
Loren Sophia/Peter Sellers Bangers and mash 5,=
Loudermilk John D. Language of love 7,=
Martin Dean The Chistmas blues 4,50
Martin Dean Sparkliní eyes 4,=
McDevitt Chas Skiffle Group My old man 4,50
McGuire Sisters Sugartime 3,=
Merseybeats I think of you 7,=
Miller Ned From a jack to a king 5,=
Morgan Jaye P. That's all I want from you 4,=
Newley Anthony (and Vince Eager) Why 4,=
Nina and Frederik Little donkey 3,50
Ofarim Esther and Abbi Cinderella Rockefella 2,=
Orbison Roy Too soon to know(Belgium issue) 10,=
Page Patti Left right out of your heart 5,=
Page Patti Most people get married 4,=
Presley Elvis Surrender 10,=
Presley Elvis(printed in Holland) Surrender 10,=
Presley Elvis I'm yours 12,=
Presley Elvis Suspicion 12,=
Presley Elvis Hound dog 20,=
Ray Johnny Don't blame me 5,=
Reeves Jim I love you because 5,=
Reeves Jim I won't forget you 5,=
Reeves Jim He'll have to go 5,=
Richard Cliff Constantly 4,=
Richard Cliff Goodbye Sam hello Samantha 7,=
Richard Cliff Your eyes tell on you 9,=
Richard Cliff Don't talk to him 7,=
Richard Cliff I'm the lonely one 7,=
Richard Cliff Your eyes tell on you 8,=
Richard Cliff Please don't tease 12,=
Robbins Marty Five Brothers 4,=
Rocking Berries Poor man's son 8,=
Rodgers Jimmie English country garden 5,=
Rogers Julie The wedding 4,=
Rogers Julie Like a child 4,=
Rogers Julie Hawaiian wedding song 4,=
Rowles John If I only had time 4,=
Roza Lita Man in a raincoat 3,=
Ryan Marion Always and forever 3,=
Ryan Marion Thatís happiness 3,=
Ryan Marion The world goes around and around 3,=
Sands Sylvia Autumn tears 4,=
Sands Tommy Sing boy sing 3,=
Sedaka Neil Little devil 8,=
Sedaka Neil Happy birthday sweet sixteen 6,=
Sedaka Neil Calendar girl 8,=
Seekers The carnaval is over 5,=
Seekers A world of our own 5,=
Seekers I'll never find another you 5,=
Sellers Peter and Sophia Loren Bangers and mash 5,=
Shadows Man of mistery 7,=
Shadows The frightened city 7,=
Shadows Its a man's world 7,=
Shadows Rhythm and greens 9,=
Shadows Genie with the light brown lamp 5,=
Shelton Anne Mary Rose(Bloesem van seringen) 3,=
Shelton Anne Lay down your arms 3,=
Sinatra Frank Rain 3,50
Sinatra Frank A lovely way to spend an evening 4,=
Sinatra Frank I couldn't sleep a wink last night 4,=
Sinatra Nancy Love eyes 6,=
Shaw Sandie I'll stop at nothing 5,=
Shore Dinah I'm riding for a fall(from "Thank your lucky Stars")
Springfields Bambino 5,=
Steele Tommy A handful of songs 3,=
Stevens Jerry Heartbeat 3,=
Tanner Sisters Tennessee wig-walk 3,=
Teddy Bears To know him is to love him 10,=
Thompson Sue Two of a kind 4,=
Tillotson Johnny Poetry in motion 8,=
Twitty Conway Mona Lisa 7,=
Union Gap + Gary Puckett Young girl 4,=
Valens Ritchie/Duffy Power That's my little Suzie 15,=
Valens Ritchie (and Marty Wilde) Donna 15,=
Valentine Dickie Christmas alphabet 4,=
Walker Brothers You don't have to tell me 4,=
Wilde Marty By the time I get to Phoenix 3,=
Wynter Mark It's almost tomorrow 3,=
Wynter Mark Venus in blue jeans 4,=
Wynter Mark Weíll sing in the sunshine 3,=
Wyman Jane(on frontcover) (from "Let's do it again")The call of the wild 4,=
Young Faron River boat 4,50
U k music Magazines
Disc and Music Echo
Record Mirror
Record Song Book 1967:Jan.1/Febr.1/April 1/May 1/June 1

July 1/Sept.1/Dec.1

1968: Jan.1/March 1/April 1 4,=
1970:Nov.1 4,=
Who's who in Showbiz 1963 Cliff on cover 9,=
Top pop Stars 1960 Cliff Richard on dust cover 9,=
Top Pop Stars 1963 Elvis on cover 9,=
All Elvis 1962 Issued by the Daily Mirror 10,=
Radio Luxembourg book of the stars nr.1 Complete with original dust cover(rare) 10,=
Radio Luxembourg book of the stars nr.2 10,=
Film show annual 1962 9,=
Film review august 1965 Elvis on cover 6,=
Film show annual 1956 With orig.dustcover with Grace kelly 6,=
Elvis Monthly's 1962 June Price p.piece 6,=
Elvis Monthlyís 1963 April,May,June and August Price p.piece 6,=
Elvis Presley: Meet Elvis An Elvis monthly special 15,=
Elvis Special 1965 mint 15,=
Elvis Special 1966 mint 15,=
Elvis Special 1967 mint 15,=
Elvis Special 1968 mint 15,=
Elvis Special 1969 mint 15,=
Pop Ten monthly Nr.2 Elvis on cover 6,=
John Lennon Interviews uit Rolling Stone 10,=
Film show Annual 1960 Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood on dust cover 15,=
Dutch music Papers
Tuney Tunes 1945 November 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1946 November 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1947 Jan.,Febr.,April,May,June,July each 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1949 Sept.,Dec. " 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1950 Febr.,March,May,July,Oct.,. " 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1951 April,May,June,Dec. "
Tuney Tunes 1953 Jan.,Juli,Augustus " 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1954 May,June,August,Sept.,Nov.,Dec. "
Tuney Tunes 1955 January, June " 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1956 Nov. " 4,=
Tuney Tunes 1956 All 12 months total price 25,=
Rhythme 15 mei 1953/15nov.1953 each 3,=
" 15 april 1954 " 3,=
" 15 dec 1956 " 3,=
" 15 febr.1957/15 june 1957" " 3,=
" 15 jan 1958/15 sept.1958 " 3,=