Our Amstaff "Aces"


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our boy Joep (Dutch Ch. Hogs' Portland Trailblazer)

bred by our friend Wim

Joep's pedigree


Joep_aug2000_a1_tn.jpg (3688 bytes) joep_cover_2000_tn.jpg (6322 bytes) maria_joep_aug2000_a34_tn.jpg (4505 bytes) joeppup_tn.jpg (4588 bytes)


Joep's father Roy (Willynwood Superman)

superman10_tn.jpg (2431 bytes) superman16_tn.jpg (5032 bytes)


Joep's mother Yawzuh (Black Magic Nobodies Bizniz)

Yawzuh3_tn.jpg (3718 bytes) Yawzuh4_tn.jpg (7139 bytes) 

our girl Rosie (Devalain Red Rose Dixie)

bred by Gerrie Vestering

Rosie's pedigree


maria_rosie_aug2000_a29_tn.jpg (4744 bytes) rosie_aug2000_a12_tn.jpg (4271 bytes) rosie_aug2000_a21_tn.jpg (4778 bytes) rosie_pups_01_tn.jpg (7750 bytes) rosiepup_tn.jpg (4215 bytes)


Rosie's father Casper (Willynwood Special Spirit)

casper_tn.jpg (4325 bytes) Casper_add_tn.jpg (3164 bytes)


Rosie's mother Neeko (FFF Buchanan's Dominique)

neeko_BOS_2_tn.jpg (5188 bytes) Neeko_guarddog_tn.jpg (7671 bytes)

our girl Ella (Squadron Miss-a-Go-Go)

Ella's pedigree


ella_3a_tn.jpg (3420 bytes) ella_35a_tn.jpg (3096 bytes)

Cloey (Squadron Loving Special)

now living with our daughter Joyce and her boyfriend Danny

Cloey's pedigree


cloey_8a_tn.jpg (2963 bytes)  cloey_28a_tn.jpg (3332 bytes)  lovingspecial_tn.jpg (7693 bytes)

Bubba (Squadron Black Bomber)

owned & loved by family Meeuwsen, Huissen

Bubba's pedigree


bubba17_tn.jpg (4513 bytes) bubba2_tn.jpg (5076 bytes) bubba4_tn.jpg (3313 bytes) bubba15_tn.jpg (4757 bytes)

Diego (Squadron Double Trouble)

owned & loved by family Ras, Rotterdam

Diego's pedigree


PICT0070_tn.jpg (2502 bytes) PICT0073_tn.jpg (3355 bytes)

Bo (Squadron Red Baron)

owned & loved by Michel Hage & Mandy, Dussen

Bo's pedigree


bo_01_tn.jpg (6739 bytes) bo-322l_tn.jpg (3533 bytes) bo-912f_tn.jpg (5628 bytes) bo-915f_tn.jpg (4076 bytes) Elmo en Bo_tn.jpg (4737 bytes)

Romeo (Squadron Desert Storm)

owned & loved by Paula Beumer, Zwijndrecht

Romeo's pedigree


romeo_juli02_1_tn.jpg (2811 bytes) romeo_juli02_2_tn.jpg (4035 bytes) romeo_juli02_3_tn.jpg (3557 bytes)

Jazz (Squadron Blue Thunder)

owned & loved by Stephan van de Kerkhof, Den Bosch

Jazz' pedigree


jazz_01_tn.jpg (7204 bytes)

Zelda (Squadron Memphis Belle)

owned, loved & trained by Will Monde, Roosendaal

Zelda's pedigree


zelda_106-0625_tn.jpg (3274 bytes)  zelda_106-0629_tn.jpg (5139 bytes) zelda_106-0631_tn.jpg (3451 bytes) zelda_106-0634_tn.jpg (5206 bytes) zelda_106-0636_tn.jpg (5183 bytes) zelda_106-0637_tn.jpg (4903 bytes)

Romy (Squadron Pitts Special)

owned & loved by Arnold Smulders, Tilburg

Romy's pedigree


romy_10_01_tn.jpg (4284 bytes)

Misty (Squadron Starfighter Misty)

owned & loved by family Stelten, Utrecht

Misty's pedigree


Misty_30_tn.jpg (4745 bytes) Misty_439_tn.jpg (6472 bytes) Misty_440_tn.jpg (4032 bytes)


our own girl Suzy (Squadron Spirit of Rosie)

Suzy's pedigree


Suzy_01_tn.jpg (4670 bytes) suzy_40_tn.jpg (3405 bytes) suzy_41_tn.jpg (5412 bytes)


Willow (Squadron Spitfire of Lobo)

now living at the kennel of our friend Ermanno Corrada (Lobotown Kennel)

Willow's pedigree


Willow0011_tn.jpg (4786 bytes)  Willow0013_tn.jpg (4867 bytes)


Nena (Squadron Gee Bee Racer)

our keeper from Ella's first litter

Nena's pedigree




Noa (Squadron Swee Pea)

now living with our daughter Joyce and her friend Danny

Noa's pedigree




Daisy (Squadron Lobotown Dragonfly)

owned by our friend Ermanno Corrada (Lobotown Kennel) and living in Lodi (Italy)

Daisy's pedigree




Storm (Squadron Hurricane)

The boy we kept, now living with our friend Job Vogel and his family

Storm's pedigree




Macho (Squadron Phantom Macho)

owned & loved by family Stelten, Nieuwegein

Macho's pedigree




Spike (Squadron Electra)

owned & loved by Marcel & Marianna IJzer, Oost Souburg

Spike's pedigree




Aso (Squadron Li'l Rebel)

owned & loved by Jan & Lucille Rackwitz, Dordrecht

Aso's pedigree




Caithlyn (Squadron Miss America)

owned & loved by  Jess van Bemmel en John de Graaf , Schijndel

Caithlyn's pedigree




Dito (Squadron Little Spook)

owned & loved by Lonneke van 't Noordende en Michel van Basten, Nieuwegein

Dito's pedigree




Gijs (Squadron Gator)

A boy we kept from Ella's second litter now living with our friends Erik en Saskia de Ridder, Halfweg

Gijs' pedigree




Jack (Squadron El Bandito )

owned & loved by Dennis Jansen en Sabine Jacobi, Driel

Jack's pedigree




Jinx (Squadron Jinny )

owned & loved by Linda van Lith en Christo Peters, Druten

Jinx's pedigree




Roxy (Squadron Bumble Bee )

owned & loved by Liesbeth en Erik La Lau, Nieuw Vennep

Roxy's pedigree




Tosca (Squadron Honeybee )

owned & loved by Ad en Marianne de Bie, Huizen

Tosca's pedigree




Zebo (Squadron Shooting Star )

our keeper from Ella's second litter

Zebo's pedigree




more to come