Remembering George Orwell
1903, June 25. - 1950, January 21.

Collected Essays

collected 1 collected 2 Text from the back of the Mercury Books edition and from the flap of the dust jacket of the Secker & Warburg edition:

This volume collects all George Orwell's published essays with the exception of the short pieces contributed to TRIBUNE under the title I Write as I Please.
Originally contained in three volumes Critical Essay, Shooting an Elephant and England Your England, they are here printed in order of first publication.

First Edition. 1961
Published by Secker & Warburg, London, UK.
Fenwick D.10a

Reissue. 1961, Mercury Books, No.17
Published by The Heinemann Group of Publishers, London, UK.
see note on Fenwick D.10a

Titles included are:

1931 A Hanging
1936 Shooting an Elephant
1939 Marrakech
1939 Charles Dickens
1939 Boys Weeklies
1940 Inside the Whale
1941 Wells, Hitler & the World State
1942 The Art of Donald McGill
1943 W. B. Yeats
1943 Looking Back on the Spanish War
1944 Benefit of Clergy
1944 Arthur Koestier
1944 Raffles and Miss Blandish
1945 In Defence of P. G. Wodehouse
1945 Notes on Nationalism
1945 Anti-Semitism in Britain
1945 Poetry and the Microphone
1946 The Prevention of Literature
1946 How the Poor Die
1946 Politics and the English Language
1946 Second Thoughts on James Burnham
1946 Politics v. Literature
1947 Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool
1947 Why I Write
1948 Writers and Leviathan

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