Many new sailingboats are equipped with a SAILDRIVE propulsion system at the wharf when they are built.

This site describes technical details of (retro) installing a diesel engine with saildrive in my sailingboat aging 25 years old (in 2000 exactly half my age). With all costs and effords in mind, i doubted that such an project was sensible. Nevertheless, i decided to do the installation myselve . . . .

Many subjects are involved when doing such a project. To improve length- and readibility of the pages, the text is kept as short as possible. Please do not hesitate to send an e-mail for additional information, however, for professional information consultation of an official dealer is preferable.

Thanks for dropping by, i wish you much fun with surfing SAILDRIVE.INFO

P.S. june 2016 : BUKH discontinued production of the Saildrive some years ago. Used engines are still available via internet as well as new spareparts via dealers. The boat is still into service and the saildrive never let me down.

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Gerard Boere

October 2003