Aalst-Waalre 1940-1945

1940-45, is a common understanding within the

Netherlands. Many people remember the hunger

Winter and the persecution of the Jews. Even

though our village has been liberated before the

Hunger Winter, doesnít mean that nothing

happened in the municipality during this eventful

The Village has had its scarcity, the Resistance,

the hiding of Jews and stranded airmen, and

German oppression all occurred in our village.
The best part of the war years of course is the

liberation that took place on September the 18th

1944.If witnesses are talking about their

experience of this, they are visible enthusiastic

again. This is also the day which Aalst was

immortalized in several history books. This is because the village would form an important part in the failure of the legendary Operation Market-Garden which is also known as the Battle of Arnhem.
Even after the liberation, many things happened in the village. Many soldiers and equipment stayed in the village until the start of the Battle of the Bulge.
Furthermore, several planes came down within the village boundaries, all with their own story. It took me much effort (and still does) to find out the stories but the results are always worthwhile. How much better can it get than finding out some stories or photo of the people involved. This so that the military gets a face instead of just a headstone
at the Military Cemetery.

Do you have stories or information about this period of the village, first hand or from others. Or do you have stuff from this period. Please contact me. Everything is welcome, donít throw anything away!