Since the Netherlands was on the flight pad to Germany, it is understandable that a lot of planes come down here. This also happened, in the municipality Aalst-Waalre. My research now has the number of airplanes that came down in the municipality standing on seven pieces. About twenty pilots life, and there are others wounded. A full New Zealand crew has been captured and they have three years in a prisoner of war camp.
Then there also were airmen who came down with their emergency parachute. This after they had to leave their plane which was falling down to earth. In Aalst-Waalre, many of these men were helped by the resistance and hidden from the Germans.
There is also a mystery that still needs some attention. In May 1944, a dead British airmen was found in the village. Who was this man and what happened to him?
The investigation of the planes and their crews have brought me in contact with many relatives of the crew members. Some airmen still need much investigation.


If you know anything, please contact me!

Aalst-Waalre 1940-1945